Part 10

Harry Kim couldn't help but notice all the damage in Voyager's corridors. There were phaser streaks one every wall, a minimum of one every meter. Half of the doors had huge holes in them from when their occupants tried to escape the locked quarters by blasting their phasers. The carpet was also wrecked, burnt and shredding. If he looked long enough he could imagine it served as a timeline of the attempted mutiny. Smooth, clean and normal, to slightly singed and dirty, to completely unrecognizable, blackened until he could see the plating on the floor.

On his way to Samantha Wildman's quarters, he mentally assessed all the destruction. He'd have to make up repair assignments for all the cosmetic damage, eventually. Once all the system repairs were done, and that wouldn't be for a long while.

He did a double take as he neared the Wildman's quarters. One of the adjacent quarter's entrances was completely mutilated. Not only were the doors mangled by a piece of the doorway had been broken off, and the other half hung down like a broken branch. It didn't even resemble what the quarters of a starship of Voyager's caliber should look like.

Harry reached Sam's quarters. Her door was actually intact. But then again, she and Naomi had been on shore leave during the mutiny. No one had been inside to fight his or her way out.

Hoping not to wake Naomi, although there was nothing he could do to quiet the door controls, he tapped in the appropriate sequence to open the door.

The doors slid smoothly, and thankfully quietly, apart. It was pitch black within, and when the doors slid shut blocking out the light from the corridor, Harry couldn't see a thing. He squinted into the darkness, waiting for his eyes to adjust.

He still couldn't see anything.

"Computer," he whispered, wincing at the loud beep of recognition. "Lights at twenty percent."

The lights instantly rose, illuminating the previous darkness.

Only seconds later, Harry heard the light patter of a child's feet, followed by the small shadow that entered the room moments before Naomi did.


"No, Naomi. It's me, Harry."

"Oh." Naomi's face drooped. "Where's my mom?"

"She's in Sickbay," Harry explained, noticing that although in her pajamas, Naomi didn't look to have been napping recently.


Naomi crossed her arms over her chest, her face squeezing into a distinct pout.

"Yeah, Sweetie. She has a lot of patients. She has to take care of them."

Harry walked further into the living area of the quarters.

Unconvinced, Naomi scowled harder.

"She's been there forever. I thought the EMH was supposed to be Voyager's doctor."

Feeling somewhat intrusive, Harry took a seat on the sofa. Naomi, still plainly unhappy, climbed up and took a seat besides him.

"We can't find the EMH, Naomi. Without your mom, there's no one to help the injured."

"What happened to the EMH?" asked Naomi, staring at him.

"We don't know. The computer won't run his program," Harry told her honestly.

He hadn't had that much time to search the annals of the Sickbay files for the Doc's program before being reassigned. He still couldn't believe that the Maquis would delete the EMH, however much resistance he was providing. No one in the Maquis had substantial medical training, and Torres, among many others, could certainly have programmed him into a loyal Maquis doctor.

Remembering his promise to Naomi's mother, Harry got up off the coach and headed to Sam's comm station. He called up Tuvok's station on the Bridge, knowing that there was nowhere else the Vulcan would be. He relayed Sam's request to Tuvok, who had no discernible reaction, only nodding and assuring it would be taken care of. He thanked Tuvok, cutting off the comm link and returning to the coach where Naomi was still sitting.

"When is my mom going to come home?" asked Naomi, plaintively.

"Pretty soon," Harry reassured her, although he honestly didn't know how long Samantha needed to monitor her patients.

"Oh," said Naomi, obviously not believing him. She leaned against the back of the couch, looking a bit sleepier now that her hopes of having her mother come had been dashed.

"Did the people in Sickbay get injured when the Maquis left?" She asked innocently, looking at him from half-closed eyes.

Unsure of just how much Naomi had been told by Neelix or for that matter how much Sam wanted her to know, Harry was tentative to respond.

Naomi took his silence as an affirmative to her question. Her eyes were closing faster now, and Harry took the pillow from the space between them and put in his lap. Naomi practically collapsed on it, confirming that she hadn't been napping at all. As she curled up on it, Harry could barely hear her murmuring as her face pressed into the pillow.

"I guess Mom wanted to go on shore leave so badly 'cause she knew people were going to get hurt when the Maquis left," muttered the child as she drifted off. Then she raised her head, eyes barely open, and said loudly and clearly,

"Computer, lights off."

In the darkness, Harry Kim sat frozen at what Samantha Wildman's daughter had just accidentally revealed.

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