Part 22

After the Security team left with Tom, Sam retrieved the deep tissue regenerator from the floor and finished healing her scratchy and swollen throat.

She began the mindless activity of picking up the scattered instruments from the floor and putting them back where they belonged. Sam deliberately didn't think of anything other than the proper placement of all the instruments.

She wouldn't think about Tom's warnings and the likely possibility that despite everything she'd done to protect herself and Naomi, they'd still be caught up in a violent conflict. Not while she still had to function and the lives of the few remaining critical patients still depended on her not being neurotically afraid and incompetent.

Her arms were still full of the misplaced instruments when the doors to Sickbay slid apart. Harry Kim walked inside, face expectant.

"Hi, Harry."

"Hey, Sam." There was an odd tone to his voice. "I was told Tom was taken here?"

"He was," she said. "Tuvok and a Security team took him back to his quarters."


Harry started to backtrack out the door.

"Wait," she called.

He stepped back inside and the doors slid shut behind him. There was a definitely a strange look on his face that she couldn't place.

"How's your leg?"

"Fine." His voice was cold.

"Did you get some sleep?"


He was giving icy one-word answers. She knew that she probably should stop pressing then and there.

"Where's Naomi?"

"With Neelix."

The strange expression on Harry's face matched the way he was looking at her. She didn't like either of them. Sam looked away, taking one of the instruments in her arms and setting it carefully in its place on the tray. She suddenly wanted him to leave very badly.

"You'll probably have to ask Tuvok or the Captain for permission to visit-"

"Naomi said she didn't like shore leave very much," Harry interrupted sharply.

"No," Sam said evenly, although she now had a very painful idea of where this conversation was headed. "It rained. She was bored."

Sam set another instrument down. "Though I rather she was miserable in the rain than on Voyager then."

"That's understandable," Harry said slowly. Without so much as raising his voice, he continued. "What I don't understand is how you could betray Voyager."

Sam felt herself become cold, like there was ice traveling through her bloodstream.


It might have been close to the right amount of indignation and bewilderment, if she hadn't heard the admission in her own voice.

"You knew what the Maquis were going to do all along and you didn't tell anyone," Harry continued flatly and accusingly.

"That's not true."

She was having trouble holding on to her armful of medical instruments. She was having trouble standing upright. It was upsetting and alarming when Torres and Tom Paris knew about her, but Harry was...Harry and he wore a Starfleet uniform with pride and served an unqualified Captain with misguided loyalty.

"Do you know how many people you could saved just by telling someone?" Harry's voice rose a fraction.

"I couldn't have saved *anyone*," Sam spat back. "The only thing I could have done was make it start sooner."

She had just admitted to treason, acknowledged the small part of her mind that was still concerned with protecting herself from Janeway's wrath.

"You could have told someone!" Harry cried. "It could have been stopped before it started. Before people died."

"It couldn't have been stopped," Sam said. "I saw that."

"You saw an opportunity to save yourself," Harry said bitterly.

"I saw the opportunity to protect my daughter."

Harry glared with disbelief.

"I was protecting Naomi," Sam repeated. "Because no one else would."

"You can believe that. It doesn't make you any less of a traitor."

Harry turned on his heel and headed for the door.

Almost shamefully, but because she had to know, Sam called after him, "Are you going to tell Janeway?"


The doors slid shut behind him.

Sam let the instruments clatter to the floor as she crossed Sickbay.

It was no longer a matter of keeping her secret from Janeway. It was a matter of not being there when Harry told on her.

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