Jade's Voyager Stories

The Stories

Jade's stories are mostly Voyager J/C fan fiction and are all rated G or PG. Jump to new stories.

  • Leaning is a short story inspired by the movie While You Were Sleeping.
  • Infinite Kisses - Chakotay cannot wake up from a pleasant dream. This story was entered in the Purple Comet Illness contest.
  • What is it? Jade's first drabble.
  • Future Dreams - Chakotay is in danger of falling for another Kathryn. This story won second place in the Purple Comet Time Travel contest.
  • Legendary Conspiracy is a joint effort with two co-authors, was an entry in ALM_Voyager's Voyages Home J/C Fan Fiction Contest.
  • A Broken Promise - Kathryn falls for another man and breaks her promise to Chakotay.
  • Blue in Hawaii - Voyager returns home, but Captain Janeway isn't happy.
    Lyrically Speaking award
  • I Have All, But One Thing . . ., Jade's second drabble, won the award for Best Overall in the JetC23 Drabble Contest.
    Decathlon 100m Hurdles
  • Cross Walker - Chakotay gets to know a nice ensign, who introduces him to the title character (200k).
  • A Day in the Park - Kathryn and Chakotay have to change their plans for shore leave. This story was entered in the Purple Comet Shore Leave contest.
  • Quintessential Friends go shopping for a Big Event.
  • Bygones - When nightmares plague Captain Janeway, Chakotay offers advice and comfort. This story won third prize in the Purple Comet Coda contest.
  • Epiphany - Captain Janeway has an epiphany.
  • England Swings - A lower-decks romance blossoms.
  • Second Epiphany, the companion story to Epiphany, tells Chakotay's side of the story.
  • No Mere Fantasy - Jade teams up with Consy for this a J/C story.
  • Carpet of Blossoms - The crew of Voyager learn to make a home on a Delta Quadrant planet. This story is won two awards in the second annual Ripples in the Pond AU contest:
    Ripples Romance Ripples Overall
  • Layered Logic features one rainstorm, two friends, and a logical conclusion.
  • A Moment of Clarity - Janeway and Chakotay wonder why they've been confined to quarters. This story was a winner in the Koffee Klub Picnic Prose Prize contest.
  • Sands of Decision is a drabble written for the Koffee Klub Picnic Prose Prize contest.
  • Idle Hands Make Opportunity - Tom Paris's hands star in this J/C and P/T story. This story tied for first place, Romance, in Mixed Doubles:
    Mixed Doubles Romance Award Decathlon Shotput
  • Hope - Will J/C spend Christmas trapped in a turbolift?
  • Little Sacrifices - The aftermath of Captain Janeway's time on Quarra requires adjustments for both her and Commander Chakotay.
  • Over the Threshold - Certain crewmembers break warp 10 and win second place for Romance in Ripples in the Pond.
    Ripples Romance Award
  • Human Interaction - Seven of Nine explores her humanity and encounters a level 10 authorization impediment. How will she proceed? Second place for Romance in Ripples in the Pond.
    Ripples Romance Award
  • One Time Too Many - Kathryn has a rule about dancing with Chakotay.
  • BRADfic - Jade gets writing help for Beta Reader Appreciation Day.
  • No Walls - a haiku.
  • They Also Serve - Chakotay helps Kathryn thank the crew. Third place in Final Frontier:
    Final Frontier Award
  • Shattered Illusions - when Kathryn and Chakotay put their heads together to solve a mystery, illusions are shattered. Second place in Final Frontier:
    Final Frontier Award
  • The Time Is Now - What if Kathryn had asked about Chakotay's letter from home? (J/C, AU, season 4)
  • Indulgence - What if Chakotay had handled the aftermath of Hope and Fear differently? (J/C, P/T, AU, early season 5, 45kb) Third place in the 2005 Decathlon Shot Put:
    Dakota's Decathlon Shot 3rd
  • Life in a Day - Chakotay has one of those days. (J/C)
  • The Line - A drabble about crossing the line. (J/C, drabble)
  • What Were You Thinking? - Kathryn gets a letter from home. (drabble) Second place in the 2005 Decathlon 100m Dash:
    Dakota's Decathlon Dash 2nd
  • One Plus One - A haiku. (J/C)
  • That Was Then, This Is Now - A terrible accident causes a rift between Chakotay and Kathryn. Will he have the strength to bridge the gap? (J/C, 130kb)
  • Kathryn and Chakotay, A Long Journey Home - Kathryn is finally ready to tell their story. The task is difficult as it stirs happy and painful memories, but most of all it shows that, once again, love is worth it all. (J/C, 175kb)
  • Buried Treasure - In the beginning of the episode Unforgettable, Chakotay didn't believe the stories Kellin told him. What if he was correct in not trusting her? (J/C, 30kb)
  • The Gifting What if an alien saw the potential for romance between Kathryn and Chakotay? What if they wanted to help? This is an "other voices" story. (J/C, 230kb)
  • New! Out of the Ordinary Years of voyaging through the Delta Quadrant can be ordinary and tedious. It only takes a small visitor to change all that. (J/C, 145kb)

Stargate SG-1

  • Jack - Jade's first Stargate story! (SG1, S/J, drabble, season 7, 2kb)

The Poem

Jade's poem is Untitled. It inspired a story by Eitak and Ekein called Jade's Poem.

The Artwork

Jade has revealed her hidden artistic talents in these sketches of Chakotay, Janeway, and Beverly Crusher. Janeway won third place for original art in the Awesome Artist Award 2002 and Beverly won first place in 2003:

Awesome Artist Award 2002 Awesome Artist Award 2003

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