Where am I now?

Welcome to the help center of Jemima's Chevron, which includes some thoughts on my personal trek through the swamps and popups of free web space.

If you're merely lost, try the site map. If something isn't working, see the discussion of what sorts of technical difficulties you may encounter at Jemima's Chevron, below. For copyright, archiving, and linking information, see the copyleft page.

For those interested in site design, my style sheets and graphics, blog, and other fun bells and whistles are described in the style section, along with some free web hosting services, trackers and monitors, redirectors, and more. See the scripts page for the perl and javascript utilities.

Common Technical Difficulties

The most common complaint is getting only part of a long story. This happened most often at Crosswinds, a former mirror site. You can also try reloading the page or clearing your cache. If you get the 404 error page, you can retype the link, check the sitemap, or try to navigate to the page using the tabs and submenus.

This page should show up in shades of tan with a row of tabs at the top and a yellow lego background outside the border. The main Trek-related pages should be similar, or if they haven't been updated yet, they'll be yellow or beige with chevrons either down the left-hand side or across the top. If everything is boring and grey, then your browser may not support style sheets (CSS) correctly. All pages should still be more or less legible. Please email me if you have a problem and I'll try to fix it.

The background images of those pages which have them should appear around the edges, down the left side, or along the top, out of the way of the text. There is a low-contrast background image behind the text on the Stargate page, but otherwise, if an image appears behind the text (so that you can't read anything) it's your browser's fault. Perhaps you have an old, sick browser. I recommend a Mozilla-based browser for optimal, standards-compliant viewing.

The row of tabs sometimes get misaligned, especially in older versions of Opera and Internet Explorer. Tabs may not appear at all in Netscape 4. The solution, again, is to get a real browser.

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