Welcome to the home of Jemima's Star Trek, Stargate, and BtVS fan fiction. For recent updates, see the blog, Speak Stiltedly and Wear a Yellow Shirt, especially the Updates category.

Jade's Voyager Stories and MJB's Revolution have moved to their own subdomains.


Jemima's latest fan interest is Firefly. Keep an eye out for future developments.

Stargate SG-1

Jemima had a productive Stargate phase, with lots of drabbles, some AUs, and a comic crossover. There may still be a novel or two in her...

Star Trek: Voyager

Most of the fan fiction here is of the VOY variety, including Jemima's Voyager stories and filk, MJB's Revolution saga (as originally seen on alt.startrek.creative) and Jade's stories (mainly of the J/C persuasion).

Check out the Jemima's Trek Awards for superlative (any superlative will do) fan fiction, sample some uncanonical quotes and follow the links to more Trek. Don't forget the legendary Borg Species list and the lesser-known Borg Plot Classification.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Jemima briefly branched out into TOS. See This is Ceti Alpha V for her Khan-centered fic and links. For random potshots at the other Trek series, see the Star Trek: Miscellany page.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You can find various links and some fic by Jemima on the Buffybot Memorial Fic Page. If you're looking for the transcript search, the secret link is there.

Fun with Jemima's Trek

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