Where am I now?

You're lost in a vast virtual space - not a warp bubble, but the Internet. Fanfic is everywhere around you, but it's not all created equal. Jemima's Trek itself hosts Jemima's, Jade's and MJB's stories, but that's just the tip of the fanfic iceberg.

So many electrons have been spilled in the cause of getting Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant, or at least making the crew's lives more pleasant on their long journey, that it's hard to know where to start. The archives are huge and difficult to navigate, the newsgroups are riddled with erotica, the mailing lists can fill your inbox in half a day, and it's impossible even to scratch the surface of the ever-growing tangle of web sites devoted to Trek fanfic.

So to help out readers, Jemima has provided some recommended reading below, in the form of meaningless awards. Cheesy gold statues will not be provided upon request.

General Awards

There are two other classes of awards: Drama and Humor.

Best of Trek

The best piece of fan fiction ever written has to be The Best of Both Girls: A Captain Janeway Adventure by world-renowned Voyager reviewer and JetCer-in-denial Jim Wright. It has it all: the Borg, a return to the Alpha Quadrant, cameos from your Next Generation favorites and a dash of J/C. Don't forget to hit the next button at the bottom of each installment.

Best Trek Movie

Although it's tempting to give this award to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, these awards are for fan fiction. The ultimate fan homage to Star Trek is the movie GalaxyQuest.

Best Alien Author

The best alien fanfic writer is Kelis the playwright, from the sixth-season Voyager episode "Muse". Some say that episode was a dig at fanfic. All I can say is, keep on diggin'!

Most Prolific

The award for most prolific goes to Suz. It is my personal belief that Suz is not a human being but a top-secret government artificial intelligence program designed to flood the net with misinformation, which is currently being tested on fan fiction.

The so-called 'Suz' wrote one of my favorite vignettes, It Takes Real Guts To Love A Cactus! - J/C from Tom and B'Elanna's point of view. I've also enjoyed countless lighthearted Suz stories like Fun And Frolics In Astrometrics.

Best Drabble

A drabble is a vignette of exactly 100 words. My favorite drabble is Chakotay's entry in The Drabble Contest, by Laura Jo. I also enjoyed B'Elanna's entry - go ahead, read them all. If you understand Harry's, please explain it to me.

Awards for Drama

Here 'drama' is defined as crew stories and serious romances.

All Seven, All the Time

This award goes to Michael Ben-Zvi's K/7 Saga ("I Only Have Eyes For You", "The Hierarchy of Needs", "First Comes Love", "A Bright Shining Thing Called Hope", "One Perfect Moment" and "The Way Of All Things"). In a genre (K/7) plagued by poor characterization and unlikely plots, Michael Ben-Zvi has written not one, but five convincing novellas and a moving, novel-length finale that puts "Endgame" to shame.

The Great Love Story of the Twenty-fourth Century

Well, that's what Jake Sisko thought, anyway. Revisionist History by E. J. Andrews (Penny Proctor) tells it like it really was.

Best Alternate Universe

I love the angry Maquis of Revolution and Revolution II: Road to Restoration by mjb, both serialized in countless parts on alt.startrek.creative and hosted right here at Jemima's Trek!

Best Q Story

This award goes to To Kathryn, Somewhere in my Heart (Part 1) (Part 2) by Magida, which was the inspiration behind my own Q story, The Unity of the Multiverse.

Awards for Humor

Most fan fiction is humorous, if only unintentionally. The following stories, however, are ROTFL-humorous from beginning to end, unless otherwise noted.

Star Trek in the Round

Believe it or not, there is more than one Shakespeare parody in the annals of Star Trek fanfic. The best of the lot is (Java) As You Like It by kneipho.

Most Underappreciated

The most underappreciated entry in ALM_Voyager's first Voyages Home Fan Fiction Contest was Much Ado About Something: a Drabble Squared by Clare009. It's hilarious, it's exactly 10,000 words long, and it deserved every vote it didn't get.

Best Christmas Story

Ho, ho, ho! The hands-down winner is How the Borg Stole Prixin by monkee.

Say You Love Me, Mary Sue (renamed)

A Mary Sue is a story featuring a non-canonical cast member who bears an eery resemblance to the fanfic author herself. And the winner is... The Ultimate Mary Sue by Yvonne Harrison (also available at Trekiverse).

The LCARS Award (renamed)

Passed on a PADD by Kerry is a comic masterpiece on the email of the future. Be sure to read the To: and From: lines.

Paranoid Creativity Award

The following story is not recommended for intentional humor, but for a plot straight out of the X-Files: Regression by Karma.

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