"Brain and brain, what is brain?"
TOS (canon)


Are we a Starfleet ship or a travelling carny freighter?
Janeway to Chakotay in Huge by JinnyR

Undoubtedly a treat for many was seeing little Naomi Wildman sneak up behind Huge and scream, "You will be assimilated" while shoving the tines of a fork into his buttocks.
Harry in Huge by JinnyR

"You don't actually KNOW any of your people's stories, do you?" she accuses, "Why don't you just admit it?"
Janeway to Chakotay in Attraction by Monkee

I never saw it coming. Never saw Chakotay and Seven together. Didn't even think they could carry on a conversation without getting on each other's nerves. Damn, I think. Damn, damn, damn.
Janeway in Erosion by Seema

"B'Elanna's cocktails are helping."
"I'd say they're helping her too. She's inside dancing with Tuvok."
"Tuvok is dancing?"
"No. But that doesn't seem to be stopping her."
Chakotay and Janeway in This Distance Between Us by JinnyW

"And all this while I've been trying my hardest to get the crew home, knowing it was my own fault we were stranded in the first place. Doing my best to be in charge the only way I could cope with. So maybe I could have done some things differently. Well, so bloody what? We're here, aren't we? We're home. And who cares if home it isn't as wonderful as I've been imagining all this time. Who cares if it's horrible, actually? Who cares if I've ruined everything, anything that could have happened between the two of us. Who cares?"
Janeway to Chakotay in The Distance Between Us by JinnyW

"I'll make a note to brush up on the protocol regarding the revelation of a person's return from the dead," the Doctor countered dryly.
Soulmates by Andra Marie

B'Elanna had to stop giving her romance novels to read. And she had to stop reading them.
Janeway in Mud and Flowers by Maquis Leader

"Don't remind me. She seems to think her husband is the only member of the crew she can trust with one of 'her' shuttles."
Kathryn smiled. "You have to admit, your record with shuttles is, well, a record."
Chakotay and Janeway in Lotos Days by EJ

Tuvok managed to frown without actually changing his facial expression.
Lotos Days by EJ

She looked at Chakotay, certain he was sleeping with his eyes wide open. One of these days, I'm going to have to learn that trick, Janeway thought.
The Fight, by Seema

Neelix beamed. "Thank you, thank you. You know, Samantha Wildman specifically asked me to do this."
"Who?" Harry blinked.
"Samantha Wildman, Ensign," the Doctor said. "You know her. Naomi's mother."
"She's Naomi's mother?" Carey asked in disbelief. "I always assumed that Seven was Naomi's mother..."
"According to my records, it is Ensign Wildman who gave birth to Naomi," the Doctor said self-importantly. "There is no mistake. I have run various genetic analyses and the result is always the same: the child's DNA matches that of Ensign Wildman. Wildman's claim is indeed valid."
"Well, I'll be darned," Carey said. He licked his lips. "That explains everything."
The Fight, by Seema

"Well, think of something quickly, Doctor. Surely you can whip up a cure for death in a matter of seconds."
Tom in The Fight by Seema

"Remember the jello? Who gave Carey the authorization codes to replicate that much jello?"
Harry in The Fight by Seema

"This is easy. I'll just reroute this thingy to that thingy and switch these thingmajiggies with those thingmajiggies and then I'll realign the sjfkepogfpxo to the main soieergsg and there you go."
B'Elanna in The Fight by Seema

"Have you never wondered why he chose security track back at the Academy? Not science, like so many other Vulcans, or command. No, Tuvok chose security. Why is that, I ask you?" He just didn't give her a chance to answer. "Because it would allow him to meddle in other people's lives, make them completely miserable, and still uphold the façade of the emotionless, controlled, Vulcan who only does his job."
Chakotay in Chapter of Accidents by Caffey

"Welcome to the ship of the damned," the Doctor said quietly.
Persuasion by JinnyW

"You see, that's when you get me really worried, Tom, when you start throwing around phrases like 'the general good'."
Harry in Persuasion by JinnyW

And red shirt a total turn-off. Live fast, die young, leave me alone.
Lt. Kitty in Adventures of Lt. Kitty by Jungle Kitty

"Do they teach a class at the Academy on how to be a bad patient?" The Doctor asked. "Irritating the CMO 101, perhaps?"
EMH in Single White Borg by Maquis Leader

She's a manic depressive with suicidal tendencies who does repression as an art form, and he's an emotional and intellectual lightweight who alternates between impulsive, ill thought out action and being so laid back one has to check his pupils to make sure he hasn't slipped into a coma.
Abandon by Roses

"So--that explains it--you married me just to piss off Nechayev."
Chakotay in Returning Heros by KJ


"Was *that* how it was supposed to turn out? But it's so...unsatisfying!"
Janeway, of Season Seven, in The Way Of All Things by Michael Ben-Zvi

I comfort myself with the pleasure of seeing the crew come together, and with regular doses of The Litany of Command Isolation. "Thou shalt hold thy Power to the Degree thou dost remain Separate."
Janeway in Circle (from Talking Stick/Circle) by Peg Robinson

"My parents wanted me to have a traditional 20th century middle-class white American childhood, just like Jeri Taylor's."
Janeway in Accessory to Fanfic by Liz Barr

Hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned.
Jim's review of Scorpion I

"Mum said you went to the Betazed Cultural Festivals."
"I did."
"How was that?"
"In what way?"
"People kept telling me what I was thinking."
Phoebe and Janeway in Biology by Christine

"If the temporal anomaly doesn't kill them, something else will. The Borg... telepathic pitcher plants... 'macroviruses'... The Delta Quadrant is a deathtrap!"
Janeway in Shattered (canon)

She smiled. Half the Delta Quadrant had learned to fear that particular expression, but the Admiral had yet to learn. It would only take him a few more minutes.
Preliminary Debriefings (epilogue to Marriage is Irrelevant) by Jemima

"By next week, we'll have forgotten all about it."
Janeway in Forgiveness (episode addition to Repression) by Rocky

I do not like this endless night
I do not like our endless flight
I do not wish to see the crew
I want to sit alone and stew.
Janeway in In the Void by CyberMum

I am Kathryn Janeway, Captain of a motley crew, stuck like a sore thumb out in the Delta Quadrant, trying frantically and sometimes homicidally to get these people back to a home which I doubt even exists for anyone here, anymore.
Changes by Clare009

"You never were a child, were you?"
"No, I sprung fully grown from the head of an admiral," Kathryn snapped.
Voyager Days: Escape Route by Kerry

"Mr. Kim ... we're Starfleet officers; weird is part of the job."
Janeway (canon)

When Kathryn got that look on her face, B'Elanna generally spent days trying to repair the ship.
It Takes Q to Tango by Kerry

Like the sands through the hourglass so are the stardates of our lives.
Janeway in The Voyager Coronary by Tim Mohr

"What in the name of a blazing Borg cube was that, Harry?"
Janeway in Much Ado About Something by Clare009

"Janeway, Kathryn, Captain. Alpha-Tao four one seven two four six seven."
Janeway in The Politics of Making a Scene by Kerry

"Its not forever," Kathryn whispered, "it's only seventy years."
Friendship and Pecan Pie by Suz

I didn't lose my mind. I gave it freely.
Janeway in Freely by Suz

She began sipping her coffee defiantly.
Privilege (episode addition to Muse) by monkee

"Your infraction was just a drop in the bucket, really. I think Starfleet will barely notice one little 'impersonating a deity' incident in the midst of all of MY prime directive violations," she snorted, softly.
Janeway to Torres in Privilege (episode addition to Muse) by monkee

We've seen the word 'backwater' redefined about a dozen dozen times.
Janeway, in G*F*A* by Rob Morris

Janeway's white-hot glare caused Borg--all Borg, everywhere--to blanch. Audibly. She smiled; at least she still had The Look.
The Best of Both Girls: A Captain Janeway Adventure by Jim Wright


B'Elanna, a man can only get kicked in the head so many times before he finally has a revelation.
Chakotay in The Way Of All Things by Michael Ben-Zvi

"Reroute the power from the Scooby-Dooby to the fluma-fluma."
Robert Beltran.

Next time Neelix wants to research earth holidays, we need to convene an oversight committee.
Chakotay in Green by Anne Rose

He wondered why he still kept trying. The answer was easy and after all these years it still came to his mind immediately without thinking. He had been, still was and would ever be an idiot.
Chakotay in Re Vera by KateF

"Tuvok," he acknowledged but didn't let on that the Vulcan was the last person he wanted to see on this spacial version of Gilligan's Island.
Chakotay in Casual Casualties by ALMVoyager

My people believed in stories so long, you might not live to hear the ending told.
Chakotay in Herbert, Orson and Neelix (Voy Halloween) by Rob Morris

If there is anything that is a constant in this damn excuse for a quadrant, it's that any alien species we encounter will attack us without provocation.
Chakotay in Changes by Clare009

"Warning: this vessel is under the command of one Kathryn Janeway. Irritate at your own risk. Offenders will be obliterated with a look."
Chakotay in Changes by Clare009

I've begun cataloging an alphabet of death.
Chakotay in I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend by Kerry

He wondered aloud if anyone in the universe was as quite as pathetic as he was.
Chakotay in Shell Fragment by monkee

" 'I'd like to thank the Borg collective...' "
Chakotay in Timeless (canon)

"Holodeck safety protocols have little hold over Commander Crash."
Janeway, of Chakotay, in The Captain's Holiday by Merri Wyllow

"And someone gave Naomi a sign. Hmm." He squinted. "I can't quite make out what it says, though."
"I believe it says, 'Love is not a crime'."
Chakotay and Dillon in The Politics of Making a Scene by Kerry

He measured his next words carefully, decided he was damned no matter what he said, and hoped his memorial service would be nice.
Chakotay in Imperfection (epilogue) by Melissa

"Maybe we should name a Jeffries Tube after them," he offered.
Chakotay, in Running on Fumes by Ghostwriter

You were working for her, Seska was working for them. Was anyone on board that ship working for me?
Chakotay (canon)

"I don't think our writers have sex."
Robert Beltran


"In fact," She stopped scant inches in front of him and raised her chin. "I was planning on teaching the monkey to fly the shuttle in case we ever needed to use it. God knows we didn't want Bad Luck Charm here losing another one."
Janeway in That Whole Monkey Thing by Suz

There are some things we must define
That is your space, this is mine.
Janeway in The Angry Warrior Legend, according to Dr Seuss by Clare009

She made him wear the uniform and keep his distance, but there were no pips on that man.
Janeway, of Chakotay, in Colony by Jemima

I briefly considered throwing myself out an airlock. The vacuum of space is warmer than her.
Chakotay, of Janeway, in Deeper Into the Night by Alyssa Mathews

She had completely launched herself into the project for reasons, which were as inscrutable as any other reasons she might have and that was that: no kisseyface for the Commander.
Mixed Signals by Clare

No more shuttles for you, Chakotay, never again.
Janeway in Again by KateF

Chakotay: My people have a legend about this guy named Chakotay and this woman named Janeway who got marooned and fell in love and had lots of--
Janeway: Very nice, but what does it have to do with us?
Resolutions (Five Minute Voyager) by Colin Hayman

And I think it just might be one of the great love stories of the past century.
Jake Sisko in Revisionist History Chapter 3: I Am Become a Name by E.J. Andrews

"Maybe you shouldn't think of it as a baby. Think of it as a particularly annoying member of the crew."
Chakotay to Janeway in Stolen Dreams by E.J. Andrews

She kissed him.
The crowd went wild.
Gladys, Stu And Bob Too by Suz

"Excuse me? Did I hear wrong? I wouldn't dare? Have we met?"
Janeway to Chakotay in Caffey's Challenge by Kerry

"Have you been making up these sayings the entire time?"
Janeway to Chakotay in The Politics of Making a Scene by Kerry

You get into a fight with her, and you leave feeling fine, and ten minutes later, you realize you're already dead.
Chakotay, of Janeway, in It Takes Q to Tango by Kerry

Surely you've read a few 'stalled lift' stories...
Chakotay to Janeway in Elevator Music by monkee

*My God, he looks exactly like Robert Beltran!*
Kate Mulgrew, of the real Chakotay, in Stranger Than Fiction by Rocky

Kathryn rolled her eyes. "That's enough big words out of you for one day, Chakotay. You can just go back to saying 'Yes Captain' now."
Furbish AKA Everyone Says I Love You by Suz

It wasn't everyday that you got to see the Captain and the Commander joined at the lips. In fact, it wasn't ever.
The Morning After by Clare009


Vulcans and cats, and scientists, all suffer from terminal curiosity.
A Cherised Isolation (from Talking Stick/Circle) by Macedon

"They'll realize that beneath your unfeeling exterior is a heart that's breaking. Silently--and in more pain than any of us can possibly understand, because that's what it is to be Vulcan!"
Kelis in Muse (canon)

Tuvok: There's a sphere coming for us like the enormous transwarp bowling ball of destiny.
Five-minute Engame by Zeke (Colin Hayman)

Surely you realize that you are a Starfleet officer, not a vagrant.
Tuvok to Kim in First Comes Love by Michael Ben-Zvi

"Do your orders specifically exempt Starfleet spies?"
Tuvok in Revisionist History Chapter 2: These Barren Crags by E.J. Andrews

Janeway shrieks, "Why the hell is it always the Port Bow???"
Tuvok responds, "I did not know we had any other bows."
The Voyager Coronary by Tim Mohr

The sound that passed his lips would have been called a shriek had it come from anyone but a Vulcan.
The Proper Punishment is Never Caramel Brownies by Kerry

"Wife--the last I saw you, you were a baiting delusion created by a mammoth telepathic omnivore."
Tuvok, in G*F*A by Rob Morris

"Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives?"
Tuvok, in Mirror, Mirror by Christina

The Vulcan probably didn't appreciate it; after all Vulcans disapproved of public displays of affection. In fact they disapproved of any displays of affection.
Every Little Thing She Does Is... by Suz


"Get the cheese to sickbay."
Torres in Learning Curve (canon)

Come on, it only took me a week to produce a new Delta Flyer, and I was still recovering from being a Borg at the time.
Torres in The Voyager No-Prize by Kerry

Suicide wouldn't look good on her record for Stovokor.
Torres in One of Those Days by Caffey

And speaking of that, the party resulted in a loss of structural integrity to deck six.
Torres in Voyager Days: A Little Down Time by Kerry

I've never seen so much angst, bile, bitchiness, sappy declarations of love and all out targ-fighting in such a short time.
B'Elanna in Showtime: a padd story by Jinny

"You two think you're the only ones who have a hint of imagination and a heart full of plot devices for our delta quadrant soap operas?"
B'Elanna to Paris and Chakotay in Casual Casualties by ALMVoyager

Are we playin' baseball here or hostin' an episode of "Forgotten Starfleet Crews: Where Are They Now?"
B'Elanna in Fun and Games by ALM_Voyager

I've known rocks that showed more signs of intelligence than you have, Chakotay. Really. Rocks.
B'Elanna in Proton and PADDs by Kerry

"Well, I can safely say two things: the 2230s was a bad decade for music in any species, and every decade was a bad decade for Klingon music."
B'Elanna in I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend by Kerry

If human looks could kill, they probably would, but Klingon looks would be a much more painful way to die.
Revolution by MJB

If irony were a tangible entity a Klingon would beat it to a pulp purely for its insolence.
Add One to Infinity, by Christine

With a few snarls and bites, it would fit right into one of her Klingon romance novels.
Privilege (episode addition to Muse) by monkee

And, Chakotay, I've seen the way she looks at you...like you were a large coffee she wants to take a drink out of.
B'Elanna, in Kiss Me Kate by Anne Acadia

Ensign, viruses don't write erotica.
B'Elanna, in The PADD


"Stop him from killing me for doing this," whispered Tom, and kissed her, his lips lingering on hers for a moment longer than friendship allowed.
Paris to Janeway~ in Similar Differences by Shayenne, Sam938 and Em Wycedee

"Captain--if this ship falls, and I make it out--I won't be able to uphold my promise to you about the Prime Directive. I'm gonna find these slimebuckets and interfere like no one's ever interfered before."
Paris to Janeway in Herbert, Orson and Neelix by Rob Morris

"And remember, you're the *Queen*!"
Paris to Janeway in Bride of Chaotica (canon)

"I tell you, there's no food that tastes better than free food."
Paris in The Way Of All Things by Michael Ben-Zvi

"Here lies Thomas Eugene Paris, beloved mutant."
Paris in Threshold (canon)

"Harry, Harry," Tom had said, "it's just a dabo hall. Where the dabo girls are the stakes. It's perfectly legal. On Ferenginar."
Matchmaking by Liz Barr

These were the days you had to make logs of. Landmark days. Days to remember.
Paris in That Whole Monkey Thing by Suz

Convinced that he had just been transported to an alternate universe, Tom blinked and checked his surroundings for versions of Janeway who hated coffee, or Neelix's who were actually good at cooking.
Paris in That Whole Monkey Thing by Suz

The (Insert Alien name) are having a 'feast' for us.
Paris in The Dance (Dancing to Alien Spores) by Anne Rose, Addy, Lena & Lissa

"Is something wrong, Tom?" Harry inquired politely.
"Name, rank and serial number, Harry; name, rank and serial number. When will I learn?"
Marriage is Irrrelevant by Jemima

"And if you ask me to what purpose I'll suffocate you with this pillow."
Paris to Chakotay in Casual Casualties by ALMVoyager

"Mistletoe. A poisonous, parasitic growth found on certain species of trees," he explained.
Paris in A "Traditional" Delta Quadrant Christmas by Anne Rose

Life was a hell of a lot simpler back in New Zealand.
Paris in Revisionist History Chapter 1: Heroic Hearts by E.J. Andrews

"You think it was a good idea to let Rocky the depressed go head to head with Ice maiden the man destroyer alone?" Paris swung around in his chair and nodded towards the Ready Room.
The Cure by Tara

"I couldn't help it, Harry! She glared it out of me!"
Paris in Lost and Found by Carole Lynn McKinney

I don't think she'd date an officer in her crew if they were the last two people on a world.
Paris~ in To Kathryn, Somewhere in my Heart by Magida

"All I'll say is...I'll get you for this," Swivelling towards Tuvok he then pointed the finger at him "...and your little Vulcan, too."
Paris in Sappy-itis, by Suz


B'Elanna: "There is room in every good story for a little bit of passion."
Tom: "You know... I could add a steamy love scene between a Starfleet conn officer and a Maquis engineer..."
B'Elanna: "Oh yeah, that's realistic."
Worst Case Scenario (canon)

'Given the volatile nature of their relationship, one might have predicted homicide rather than matrimony.'
Seven on Tom and B'E's marriage in Course: Oblivion (canon)

And regarding the Engineering thing, yeah, okay, so I've been a little lax, you know, just sometimes can't a girl relax, put her feet up, beat her boyfriend to a bloody -- yet still oddly attractive-- pulp and not have everyone breathing down her neck...? Do we not live in the 24th century...and who the hell died and made you Janeway?
Torres in Forever My Only Dearest Love by Kat and Jenn

Thy Unruly Engineer's doubtlessly a bed,
Wrap'd tight in the muscle'd arms of our Helmboy Tom.
Is it wise, to wake The Beast from her nightly rest?
Chakotay in (Java) As You Like It by Kneipho


Alas, poor Harry.
Jim's review of Scorpion I

Harry started to grin. When they first arrived in the Delta Quadrant, Harry's smile had seemed young and innnocent.
Now it was just pure evil.
Day of Fools by Ben Mason

I'll just curl up under Ops and pretend the rest of the ship doesn't exist...
Harry in PADDernity by Adrian Hilton

Kim screams in agony, as any heir to the Chekov role can be expected to.
Jim Wright's review of Caretaker I

And, to be honest, there are some things I fear more than death itself, and all of them are on this ship.
Harry in Proton and PADDs by Kerry

Remind me to repress this later, Tom.
Harry in It Takes Q to Tango by Kerry

Oh, great, he thought. Pity from the Borg. His night was only getting worse.
Harry in 'I Wish, I Hope' by Michael Roy Hollihan

Harry gulped. He had the sneaking suspicion he was going to die again.
Harry Kim and the Goblet of Coffee by Rocky

Seven of Nine

"And Commander..."
"If you ever want to know how many stars there are in the Universe, all you need to do is ask."
Seven and Chakotay in Delta Quadrant 90210: The Discovery of Bitter Things by Suz

"Beauty is irrelevant. Nor is my visual appearance perfect, there are six hairs that have escaped their designated location."
Seven in "Harry, Harry" by Raymond Gower

I want to consume Mr. Neelix's inedible cooking!
Seven in The Way Of All Things by Michael Ben-Zvi

Janeway nibbled on a croissant. They were light, airy, and delicious, but then that was no surprise. Seven was, after all, a gourmet chef. And also, now, apparently, a concert pianist.
Mother's Day by monkee

"Why, I believe Captain Janeway would do anything for me," Seven piped up from the piano. "I believe she would change time, itself, just so I could be happy."
Seven in Mother's Day by monkee

"Logic is irrelevant."
Seven in The Killing Game (canon)

Seven: I'd resent that comment if it weren't irrelevant.
Five Minute Voyager "Shattered"

At a biochemical level, you appear indifferent to me.
Seven to Chakotay in Parameters by Liz Barr

I mean, I've always said, Seven appeals to 14 year olds of all ages.
Anne's Hubby in Working it Out by Anne Rose

Seven gave Neelix a look that could kill billions, and probably had.
Marriage is Irrrelevant by Jemima

"So, what were we gonna call this story?"
"'Seven's Huge Hooters Conquer the Galaxy!'"
If Drunk Frat Boys Wrote Star Trek ALL (Challenge) by Michael Roy Hollihan

She was practically quivering with excitement, and her eyes had that particular glow that means she is about to demonstrate the Superior Borg Intellect yet again.
Photonic Fleas & Subspace Elves by E.J. Andrews

The Borg-is-Better gleam was in her eyes again.
Photonic Fleas & Subspace Elves and by E.J. Andrews

"Seven is trying to assimilate home base!"
Neelix in Fun and Games by ALM_Voyager

My second thought was that if all the Borg looked like that, they would have much less trouble assimilating large portions of the population.
Captain Harcek, of Seven, in Revisionist History Chapter 2: These Barren Crags by E.J. Andrews

The Borg should have used her as a recruiting poster - millions of men would have volunteered for assimilation.
Jake Sisko in Revisionist History Chapter 6: A Frolic Welcome by E.J. Andrews

She looked forward as they walked, addressing no one in particular, "I am not sure I should be allowed to continue dating, if the health of Voyager's crew is to be considered."
Seven to Harry in Dinner by Rob Vrablik

Once again it was Seven to the rescue. She was becoming adept at handling these little human altercations. In her mind, she had reinvented diplomacy. One must, after all, adapt.
Much Ado About Something by Clare009

Et tu, VII?
Jim Wright's review of Bride of Chaotica

"You are SWEDISH! You are one of us!"
Agnetha of ABBA to Seven of Nine, in The ABBA by monkee

The Doctor's face froze and for a moment Seven was concerned that his programme may have crashed.
Delta Quadrant 90210 by Suz

"I can now dance the tango at maximum efficiency."
Seven, in "Icing on the Cake"


"And even the fish begin to weep."
EMH in Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy (canon)

"Physician, author, activist, and now lounge singer. The Doc's a regular Renaissance man."
Harry in The Way Of All Things by Michael Ben-Zvi

"I deserve danger pay for this."
EMH in Elementary Biology by Siubhan

"Why pretend we're going home at all? All we're going to do is investigate every cubic millimeter of this quadrant, aren't we?"
EMH in The Cloud (canon)

"There's a child present, and I'm not talking about Mr. Paris."
EMH to Kim and Seven in First Comes Love by Michael Ben-Zvi

The Doctor sighed condescendingly. "I'd love to spout techno babble at you until you lapsed into comas, but I don't have the time."
EMH in The Fates by Anne Rose

Doc/Seven: Harry, Harry, Harry. Every day is Make-Fun-of-Ensign-Kim Day.
Five-Minute "Body and Soul" by Zeke (Colin Hayman)

"I'm a computer program, not a doctor."
EMH in La Clemenza di Caterina by Sängerin

The crew was trapped, the ship was out classed, and I was a goat.
EMH in Inappropriate Charms On A Goat by Suz Voy

Naomi Wildman

Her face held the kind of curiosity that only children and Seven of Nine could wear.
(Naomi's face) Furrowing of the Brow by Suz

"You can't be Captain! I'm the girl, silly! Didn't they teach you anything at Starfleet? The girl is the Captain and her boyfriend is her First Officer!"
Naomi to Harry in Puppy Love by Turtlewoman


"Is this a ship of the Valkyries?"
Q in Death Wish (canon)

"Ask not for whom the commbadge beeps - it beeps for thee."
Q in A Captain's Regrets by Anne Rose

"Did we invite the Q?" he asked, already knowing the answer.
"Of course not. Where would we mail that invitation?"
Chakotay and Janeway in RSVP Required by Kerry

The fact that I can read your mind doesn't mean I actually bother to do so.
Q to Janeway in Omnia Vincit Amor by Kate F.

"Borg. How... Cute."
SuzyQ, of Seven, in It Takes Q to Tango by Kerry

"What part of omniscient don't you understand, Madam Captain?"
Q in Magic Carpet by Carolyn Carey


Oh my goodness, they killed Carey.
Season Seven in Review by CyberMum

Thank the Omega particle for small favors.
Jim's review of Natural Law.

...small moons are pursuing me trying to establish an orbit.
a very pregnant Troi, to Picard in Pawns and Compasses by Lori

"A multi-million bar product, and he just hands it over without even negotiating," he whispered into her ear. "And those artifacts that I practically stole from him! It was like taking candy from a Pakled!"
Quark, of leola root, DQ scrap and Neelix, in The Way Of All Things by Michael Ben-Zvi

"Dying together is romantic, but it doesn't leave much possibility for future developments."
Lieutenant Mulchaey in Matchmaker by Liz Barr

There are three kinds of people in the world: those who struggle through Mosaic because they find Janeway fascinating, those who haven't read Mosaic, and Jeri Taylor. Taylor's characters make paper dolls look three dimensional, and perhaps the worst is Gretchen, who was originally a mathematician but becomes a brownie-baking nonentity, a symbol of mid 20th c[entury] motherhood rather than a mother.
Boadicea in ASC

Denial is the patron saint of the Delta Quadrant, Captain.
Julia in Refugee Camp Voyager by Ventura33

I take you back to a time long ago... a time filled with the worry of imminent mutiny, of futile memories of home... a time of hot, plain tomato soup and the Power Bun... a time long before "The Angry Homesteading Warrior Makes a Bathtub" and "B'Elanna and the Caves of Lust".... Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the first evening in the Delta Quadrant.
summary for Reclamation by A.K. Gerdes

Is this what it looks like when the story ends?


Forever My Only Dearest Love by Kat and Jenn

The Starship Voyager was under the kind of attack that the Starship Voyager often found itself under. They had crossed an invisible line on an unseen star chart, and unwittingly offended an unknown race using unfamiliar weaponry.
Ensign Stephens by Rob Morris

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time travel,
The Klingon's wrong, the proud Admiral's contumely,
The pangs of warpspeed love, subspace's delay,
The insolence of junior officers, and the spurns
That patient merit of the bureaucrat takes,
When he himself might his confrontation make
With a bare chest? Who would regulations bear,
To grunt and sweat under a deskbound life,
But that the thought of nothing after death,
The oft-travel'd country from whose bourn
Spock and I have oft returned, strengthens the will,
And makes us rather resist those ills we have,
Than fly to others that we care not for?
Kirk's Soliloquy (If Shakespeare Wrote Star Trek TOS) by Michael Roy Hollihan

"I can't remember what I wrote Ris."
"You blew up the ship, Adrienne."
"Oh yeah, that's right. It was early morning. I was tired."
Addy, in #jetc

"Don't suppose you know anything about artificial intelligence? Such as how to kill one?" Nean asked B'Elanna without missing a beat.
Time Passed Makes it Plain by Kerry

Borg drones probably preferred to talk about computer engineering, if they talked at all. Might as well try to have a nice pleasant chat with the door frame.
Cybernetic Cadet 2 - Drone in the Dorm by Ventura33

If it says 'the end' at the end, that's the end.
Jemima, in #jetc

And inexplicably a lot of the time they seemed to be flying in circles. At one point, they were thirty thousand light years from home. Now they were fifty and there seemed to be no explanation.
A Continuum Christmas by Shayenne

For I dipt into the future, far as human eye can see
Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.
Locksley Hall by Alfred, Lord Tenneyson (U.S.S. Voyager NCC 74656 dedication plaque)

...a gastronomic display the like of which hadn't been seen since that infamous leola humus incident.
That's... by Suz

The Fanfic Prime Directive: Thou shalt always have a happy ending.
Kerry's Three Rules of Fanfic Writing

And that's in all conceivable time lines, bucko.
What is JetC? by Kerry

"In space, no one can hear you seethe."
The Best of Both Girls: A Captain Janeway Adventure by Jim Wright

If it wasn't for bad luck
I wouldn't have no luck at all
"Delta Quadrant Blues" from Jim Wright's review of Day of Honor

The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other.
1999 by Karma (traditional)

Let slip the puppies of war.
Jim Wright's review of Bliss

The grass was green, the sky was blue, the water was pink, but two out of three wasn't bad.
Ghost in the Machine by KittyKat

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