Whether you're interested in writing, reading or just watching Star Trek (especially Voyager), the links you need are here.

General Voyager and Trek Links

Startrek.com and section31.com feature databases as well as breaking Trek news.
Trek Sites gives you just that.
LCARScom is the place to find out about LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System).
Star Trek Dimension has a wealth of resources, from news to galaxy maps, but a cryptic interface

Trek Humor

Sev Trek is a cartoon satire of the countless foibles and stereotypes of Trek
The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae - stop by and read The Voyager Coronary!
Dar's Star Trek Vault
The Questarian - GalaxyQuest web ring

Sev Trek Comics

The Sev Wide Web features a variety of sci-fi cartoons and weekly contests where you can submit a punchline for the next week's cartoon. Try your hand at the Sev Trek Space TV caption contest and check out the Sev Trek archives, including Sev Trek: Forager for Voyager cartoons.

Recommended Reading

The very best Voyager fan fiction can be found on my awards page. Stereotypical J/C fic can be found on the Borg Plot Classification page. On to the rest:

The Archives

Trekiverse, the official alt.startrek.creative (ASC) fiction archive, where you can look up the winners of the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 ASC awards
ASCL, a mailing list which distributes ASC stories
The Janeway/Chakotay Story Index - the official home of Voyager's First Couple
Voyager's Delights
Spif Trekspert's EATFicdex - that stands for Easily Archived Trek Fiction, I think. Also easily looked-up.


Project S-31: Section 31 fan fiction
Voyager Virtual Season 7.5
Virtual Voyager Season 8
If My Aunt from Minnessota... or other unlikely folks wrote Star Trek fan fiction, this is what they might write.


Your Mileage May Vary
The Best of Trek Fanfic Site
Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!
Godawful Star Trek Fan Fiction (or try here): "But how to seperate [sic] the merely pervy fan fiction out there from the truly abominable? Rely on sites like Godawful Star Trek Fan Fiction to find the offal among the dross." - Yahoo Internet Life (Sept 2000)
The Voyager Fanfiction Feedback Forum - if that link doesn't work, try this one.


Perfection, home of the C/7 list, the C/7 archive and Wikifection
Seventh Heaven - the K/7 archive
The JetPP Page - Janeway and the Prehensile Plant
The JetC official Webpage, The JetC list homepages and JetC.Net
Star Trek Institution for Romantics

The Unpaired

Lower Decks - a great site for writing advice, too
Neelix's News - the latest gossip from everyone's favorite Talaxian
Star Traks: BorgSpace 2.0 - "Forever sent on low-priority tasks, the imperfectly assimilated of the Borg empire weave their way through space, trying to become closer to the One...and failing miserably."


E. J. Andrews (Penny A. Proctor) - VOY, TOS - a Jemima's Trek Award winner!
Liz Barr - J, J/C, J/K, C/7, and other fandoms
Christine CGB - J/C, TNG and other fandoms
The Voyagers' Respite (clare009) - J/C - a Jemima's Trek Award winner!
DangerMom's Archive - P/T
Jade East - J/C
Kate F. - J/C
Michael Roy Hollihan - VOY, TNG, DS9
Lori's Trek Fanfic - TNG and TOS
Michele Masterson's J/C Fanfic
monkee's stories - a Jemima's Trek Award winner!
m.c. moose - another Janeway fan
Rob Morris - crossovers
Rocky's Road to Voyager
Anne Rose - J/C, P/T, K/7
Sacajawea: Suz's Voyager Fanfic - a Jemima's Trek Award winner!
Jinny W. - J/C
Kerry W. - J/C humor - a Jemima's Trek Award winner!
Yael - J/C, furniture fic

Resources for Fanfic Writers

Voyager Information

Delta Blues, Jim Wright's Voyager review archives, is the bible of Voyager and Voy fanfic.
5 Minute Voyager by Zeke provides much briefer summaries of Voyager episodes.
Roll Call: The Minor Crewmembers of Voyager, is useful for finding a nice Bajoran crewmember or figuring out who's dead and alive. The same info is available at Lower Decks in a prettier format.
Deck blueprints from Lost in Space: Star Trek Voyager
300 Voyager Quotes
The Coffee Nebula for dead shuttlecraft counts, "I'm a doctor, not a ...", "... is irrelevant", food and coffee screencaps

General Trek

The Daystrom Institute Technical Library
Ex Astris Scientia: Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site
The Ultimate Star Trek Collection of information
Sector 001
The Ultimate Star Trek Collection

Time and Space

Star Trek Chronology
Galaxy Maps and Krenim Geography
Stardates FAQ and the Javascript Stardate Converter

Series and Species

Hack-Man's TOS episode guide
TNG episode reviews
The DS9 Archive of episode reviews and the DS9 Encyclopedia
Maquis Forces International
The Borg Collective features on-line Borg technology plus facts about the roving Armageddon we love to hate.
The Borg Species List, a Jemima's Trek exclusive
Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
A Voyager glossary


Voyager Contests - links to most contests
Awesome Author Award - an enormous amount of J/C fic
Jennica's J/C Christmas Contest
The Purple Comet J/C contests

Writing Advice

Mary Sue Whipple's Really Cool Webpage - how not to write fanfic
Writing Advice from Jeffrey A. Carver
Robert J. Sawyer on writing
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
Fanfiction Defense, a legal resource site

Filking References

filk.com, "where music is too important to be taken seriously."
Capitalization rules for song titles
Handy rhyming dictionaries at Lycos and Write Express.
All the one-syllable words in English, as a list or in paragraphs
Open Directory on filk
Let's Sing It lyrics directory
Sample filk: Star Trek Filk Songs, When I Was a Boy, and Bujold Filk

Other Fandoms

Fan Fiction on the Net: Television, Movies and Books
The Rescue Frodo! S.W.A.T. Team: The unexpected world of Tolkien fanfic.
The Derbyshire Writers' Guild: Think you could do it better than Jane Austen? They do.
Gossamer archives X-Files fic, all of it.
Heliopolis - The Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction Archive

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