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I've found that by far the biggest challenge of writing Stargate fan fiction is spelling. Even the encyclopedia sites vary in the spelling of essential terms. Naqahdah alone has given me hours of trouble. I decided to make my own dictionary, so at least I'd be consistent across my own fic.

The purpose of this dictionary is to standardize spelling, not to replicate a compendium. Therefore, more attention is given to the source of the chosen spelling than to the definition of the term. Definitions are relatively spoiler-free. If you feel a definition is a spoiler or exceptionally offensive, email me and I'll change it.

Submissions are welcome at the email address at the bottom of the page. Please include a reliable source.

Repository: A Stargate Spelling Dictionary

The citation (in italics) is for the primary spelling (in bold) or for the spelling indicated in parenthesis, but not the rest of the entry. Some reference works are listed and linked at the bottom of the page. Episode numbers are taken mainly from TVTome.com - see the episode list for details.

Terms in the Latin, Cyrillic or Stargate alphabet are eligible for inclusion in the Repository; the main standard for inclusion is whether an ickle newbie writing her first fanfic would wonder how to spell the word. Terms that are frequently or intentionally misspelled are also included. Character names from the credits are included, regardless of ease of spelling.

For the purposes of the Repository, a canon spelling is one that has appeared on-screen in a broadcast episode or its credits (but not in the closed-captioning). When other sources clash with canon, canon wins (eg., naqahdah). If there is no canon substantiation for a spelling, standard English usage, official materials (such as the scifi.com website and tvtome.com episode credits), published reference works, and fan usage (especially at rdanderson.com) will be considered, in that order. The final arbiter in all cases is yours truly (Jemima Pereira).

For reference, incorrect and otherwise deprecated versions of terms are listed (in strike-out) in the entry for the correct spelling. Most notably, movie spellings (eg., O'Neil) and Teal'cized spellings (eg., MajorCarter) are deprecated. If you know of a misspelling that has been omitted, please email me.

It is, of course, your choice whether to use a deprecated spelling.

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  • Abu A mongol. tvtome.com
  • Abydos Where it all began. rdanderson.com
  • Abydonian A native of Abydos. 622 "Full Circle" credits (Abydonian Leader)
  • Adal A Jaffa? 711 "Evolution" credits
  • affect Alter. "Affect" is usually a verb. As a noun, "affect" is a psychological term referring to an emotional complex; you probably don't mean that - use "effect" instead. English
  • Alar Odo. Gibson34
  • Amaunet An Egyptian goddess. Amonet and Ammonet are common in fandom but deprecated. English
  • Anat Semitic god. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • Anise The Tok'ra in Freya's head. rdanderson.com
  • Anteaus A Nox. tvtome.com
  • Anubis Movie god, super-Goa'uld. imdb.com, 522 "Revelations" credits
  • Apophis Egyptian dragon of darkness. 312 "Jolinar's Memories" credits
  • archon One of the nine principal magistrates of ancient Greece; also, a Tollan lawyer. English
  • Aschen Inhabitants of P4C-970. rdanderson.com, scifi.com guide
  • Asgard Viking heaven. (Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and dial again.) Also the grey dudes. Not Asguard. English
  • Ashrak Goa'uld assassin. 609 "Allegiance" credits
  • Astarte Semitic god. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • Averium Orban ceremony for Urrone children. rdanderson.com


  • Nicholas Ballard Daniel's grandpa. Gibson34
  • Sgt. Barber Former member of SG-5. 418 "The Light" credits
  • N.I.D. Agent Barrett A bad guy. 512 "Wormhole X-treme" credits
  • Bastet Goa'uld System Lady? 515 "Summit" credits
  • Lt. Col. Beck An old friend of Jack's. 703 "Fragile Balance" credits
  • Mr. Black Some guy. 514 "48 Hours" credits
  • Bolaa Some guy. 101 "Children of the Gods" credits
  • Coyle Boron Alien. 708 "Space Race" credits
  • Borren Boring the Aschen dude. scifi.com guide
  • Major Boyd SGC personnel. 215 "A Matter of Time" credits
  • Bra'tac A Jaffa. TV Tome lists Bry'tac for "Into the Fire." tvtome.com
  • Colonel Brogen Who knows? 314 "Foothold" credits
  • Lt. Brown SGC personnel. tvtome.com, imdb.com (Brown)
  • Burrock Slaver. tvtome.com
  • Byrsa A Greek/Latin combo culture. 115 "Cor-Ai" credits


  • Caleb An Ankaran. 409 "Scorched Earth" credits
  • General Jacob Carter (Retired) Sam's father. rdanderson.com, tvtome.com (General Jacob Carter/Selmak)
  • Mark Carter Sam's brother. rdanderson.com
  • Maj. Samantha Carter, Ph.D. "Sam's not funny. Damn her!" --Amanda Tapping. Teal'cized spellings such as MajorCarter are deprecated. Sam, Carter, or Major Carter is acceptable. Up until the start of episode 303 "Fair Game," she was a captain. scifi.com cast
  • Casey SGC personnel? 101 "Children of the Gods" credits
  • Cassandra A girl. 221 "1969" credits
  • Cassie This is the standard nickname for Cassandra. Cassy, which appeared in at least one transcript, is deprecated. English
  • chaapa'ai Goa'uld for stargate; chappa'ai is common but deprecated. rdanderson.com
  • Chaka An Unas. tvtome.com
  • Chalo A guide? 711 "Evolution" credits
  • Colonel Chekov Ruskie. tvtome.com
  • Chulak Yet another planet. rdanderson.com
  • Major Coburn SGC personnel. 320 "Maternal Instinct" credits (Coburn), 408 "The First Ones" credits (Major Coburn)
  • Dr. Cole SGC personnel? 113 "Hathor" credits
  • comtrya Harlan's annoying greeting as sent using a GDO in "Double Jeopardy." This spelling may be an abbreviation - rdanderson.com has "com-traya." Screenshot: 11:21 421 "Double Jeopardy"
  • Lieutenant Connor SCG personnel. tvtome.com
  • Adrian Conrad Snakebait. 611 "Prometheus" credits
  • control room The room at SGC with the Stargate controls. English
  • Cor-Ai Byrsa justice. 115 "Cor-Ai" title
  • Cordesh A Tok'ra. No name is given for his host. tvtome.com
  • Colonel Frank Cromwell Old friend of Jack's. tvtome.com
  • Cronus The Greek titan Kronos or Roman Saturn. The spelling "Cronos" appears at tvtome.com and is proper English as well. 404 "Crossroads" credits, rdanderson.com


  • Major Paul Davis Pentagon liaison (male). tvtome.com, 215 "A Matter of Time" credits (Major Davis)
  • Technician/Sergeant Walter Davis This is the male Technician Davis whose name has been both Walter and Norman and whose title has been Technician, Sergeant, and Master Sergeant. Jack calls him Walter in "2010." tvtome.com, Arduinna
  • Technician Davis This is the female Technician Davis, played by Laara Sadiq in "The Tok'ra (1)." Usually she's just Technician or Female Technician. 211/212 "The Tok'ra" credits
  • death glider Those things that swoop down on SG-1 at the start or end of every episode. English
  • Agent Devlin NID not-so-bad guy. 614 "Smoke and Mirrors" credits
  • dial home device (DHD) "It's sorta like a...a..." "Telephone." "Telephone. I like that." (Daniel and Sam). The phrase is written on a whiteboard behind them in "The Enemy Within." Screenshot: 10:16. 102 "The Enemy Within" (dial home device), scifi.com tech
  • Dj'nor A Jaffa? 208 "Family" credits
  • Dol'ok A Tok'ra? 608 "The Other Guys" credits
  • Dominic Cassandra's boyfriend. 506 "Rite of Passage" credits
  • Drey'auc Teal'c's old flame. Drey'ac is deprecated. tvtome.com, rdanderson.com


  • Edora Lovely planet from "A Hundred Days." rdanderson.com
  • effect Result. "Effect" is usually a noun. As a verb, it means to bring about, as in "effect change" - it does not mean to affect. Use of "effect" as a verb is restricted to antiquated and business English; it is not likely to come out of the mouth of an SGC member. English
  • Eliam An Ankaran. 409 "Scorched Earth" credits
  • embarkation room The room at SGC where the Stargate lives. Believe it or not, both "embarkation" and "embarkment" are real words. English
  • Emta Jaffa babe. 710 "Birthright" credits
  • Eurondan Blond. Inhabitant of the planet Euronda. 402 "The Other Side" credits (Eurondan Soldier)


  • Seth Fargough Leader of the Children of Seth cult. The spelling appears on-screen on the ATF Cultwatch site, file #120914: "Children of Seth." Screenshots: 9:19, 8:55. 302 "Seth"
  • Farrell A Eurondan. tvtome.com
  • fatigues Military sweats. Not fatiques. English
  • Joe Faxon A Sam-stealing genocidal maniac. tvtome.com (Joe Faxon), scifi.com guide (Joe, Joseph Faxon)
  • Major Louis Ferretti SGC personnel. 121 "Within the Serpent's Grasp" credits (Ferretti), tvtome.com, imdb.com (Maj. Louis Ferretti)
  • SF Sergeant Finney An SF sergeant. 611 "Prometheus" credits
  • Flemming Immunitech personnel. 605 "Nightwalkers" credits
  • Dr. Janet Fraiser The Teal'cized spelling DoctorFraiser is deprecated. Frasier is just plain wrong. Riley Frazier is from another show entirely. scifi.com cast, 305 "Learning Curve" credits and others (Dr. Fraiser)
  • Lt. Freeman SGC personnel. tvtome.com, imdb.com (Freeman)
  • Freya Anise's host. rdanderson.com
  • Freyr Asgard, god of sun and rain, ruler of elves. Norse, 505 "Red Sky" credits
  • Dr. Friesen SGC personnel. 603 "Descent" credits
  • Fro'tac An old friend of Teal'c's. 208 "Family" credits
  • fuze The part that makes a bomb go boom. The non-military spelling fuse is deprecated. English


  • Gairwyn Cimmerian chief babe. tvtome.com
  • Garan Son of Laira. tvtome.com, rdanderson.com
  • Garshaw of Belote A Tok'ra. tvtome.com (Yosuuf/Garshaw of Belote)
  • GDO (Garage Door Opener.) "It's called a GDO." --Jack, "Serpent's Song" Soundbite: 42:25 217 "Serpent's Song", scifi.com tech
  • Geb Egyptian god. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • SF Sergeant Gibson An SF sergeant. 611 "Prometheus" credits
  • Ginra Jaffa babe. 710 "Birthright" credits
  • Lt. Glenn SGC personnel. 716 "Death Knell" credits
  • Goa'uld Snakeheads. Gou'ald and Go'uld are deprecated. "There should be an apostrophe after the a, before the u." -- O'Neill, 120 "Politics" Soundbite 14:48 120 "Politics", Gibson12, rdanderson.com
  • Major Graham SGC personnel. 405 "Window of Opportunity" credits
  • Dr. Greene Female SGC personnel. 203 "Prisoners" credits
  • Major Green SGC personnel. 716 "Death Knell" credits
  • Grell/Doug Anderson Robotic Teal'c-analogue. 512 "Wormhole X-treme" credits
  • Captain Griff SGC personnel. By 410 (27:20), he's a major. 408 "The First Ones" credits, 410 "Beneath the Surface" credits (Griff), 419 "Prodigy" credits (Major Griff)


  • Ardal Hadraig Alien. 708 "Space Race" credits
  • Hagman SGC personnel. 601 "Redemption" credits
  • Cadet Hailey Prodigy. 419 "Prodigy" (Hailey on her nametag)
  • Gen. George Hammond "He's just a man. A very good, very...bald...man. From Texas." (Jack in 111 Bloodlines) He's also a major general and his middle initial is S. The Teal'cized spelling GeneralHammond is deprecated. scifi.com cast, tvtome.com (Lt. George S. Hammond)
  • Special Agent James Hamner ATF personnel in "Seth." tvtome.com
  • Hanno Bysra judge, jury and executioner. 115 "Cor-Ai" credits
  • Captain Jonas Hansen SG-9 personnel. tvtome.com
  • Harlan Tin man. (Harlan Ellison, anyone?) tvtome.com
  • ha'taaka Vile one or traitor - tossed around quite a bit in 208 "Family." This spelling is from the closed captioning; hataka is deprecated. Arduinna
  • ha'tak Goa'uld pyramid ship. rdanderson.com (ha'tak vessel)
  • Hathor Alien Babe of the Week. 113 "Hathor" title
  • Heliopolis Repository. Philosophy. Astronomy. English
  • Herak Anubis' First Prime? 622 "Full Circle" credits
  • Heru'ur A System Lord. 414 "The Serpent's Venom" credits
  • Hira Friend of Cronus. 421 "Double Jeopardy" credits
  • Horus Enemy of Set. Screenshot: 7:08 302 "Seth", 306 "Thor's Chariot" credits (Horus Warrior), imdb.com


  • Imhotep The world's first known architect; a commoner who lived during Egypt's Third Dynasty. English
  • iris The garage door. rdanderson.com
  • Isis Egyptian goddess. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • it's A contraction meaning "it is." English
  • its The neuter possessive pronoun meaning "belonging to it." The plural of "its" is their. There is no such word as its'. English


  • Dr. Daniel Jackson "Basically, he's a whiny little bitch" --Michael Shanks. The Teal'cized spelling DanielJackson is deprecated. Daniel or Dr. Jackson is acceptable. Teal'c may say Daniel Jackson. scifi.com cast, imdb.com
  • Jaffa Teal'c and company. 119 "There But For the Grace of God" credits, and others
  • Jalen A Tok'ra. 517 "Fail Safe" credits
  • Jarren Human servant to Yu the Great, played by Daniel Jackson. 515 "Summit" credits
  • Johnson SGC personnel? 104 "The Broca Divide" credits
  • Jolinar of Malkshur A friend of Sam's. Gibson12, 312 "Jolinar's Memories" title (Jolinar), 313 "The Devil You Know" credits (Jolinar)
  • Dr. Jordan Daniel's archaeology professor. 413 "The Curse" credits
  • Jumar A Tok'ra. 312 "Jolinar's Memories" credits, 313 "The Devil You Know" credits
  • Juna Some aliens. 421 "Double Jeopardy" credits (Juna Warrior)


  • Kah'l A Jaffa? 201 "The Serpent's Lair" credits
  • Ka'lel Jaffa babe. 710 "Birthright" credits
  • Kali A Goa'uld System Lady. 515 "Summit" credits
  • Kasuf The father of Sha're and Skaara. rdanderson.com, imdb.com ('Good Father' Kasuf)
  • Major Charles Kawalsky SGC personnel. TV Tome gives his movie credit as Lt. Colonel Adam Kawalsky. tvtome.com, imdb.com (Maj. Charles Kawalsky)
  • Keel Volian hick. 510 "2001" credits
  • Keenin Frozen alien. 706 "Lifeboat" credits
  • Kegan Daniel's mind-stamped girlfriend. tvtome.com
  • kelno'reem The Jaffa substitute for sleep. rdanderson.com, Arduinna
  • Kelownan Natives of Kelowna. 607 "Shadow Play" credits (Kelownan Soldier, Kelownan Aide)
  • Kendra Former Goa'uld hostess. tvtome.com
  • Colonel Kenedy [sic] Military intelligence? tvtome.com
  • General Kerrigan Administrator at the Air Force Academy. Appears on his nametag, on his desk, and in the credits. 419 "Prodigy"
  • Kershaw Rogue NIH personnel. tvtome.com
  • Kheb Oma Desala's planet. Gibson34
  • Khordib A nomadic alien. 701 "Fallen" credits
  • Senator Kinsey Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. 415 "Chain Reaction" credits (Kinsey's Wife), tvtome.com
  • Kintac A Tok'ra? 312 "Jolinar's Memories" credits
  • Dr. Kleinhouse SGC personnel? 113 "Hathor" credits
  • Klorel Son of Apophis. rdanderson.com, tvtome.com (Skaara/Klorel)
  • Korra A snakehead. 307 "Deadman Switch" credits
  • Stan Kovacek SGC personnel - a major on SG-9, the diplomatic team. 203 "Prisoners" credits
  • kree The all-purpose Jaffa/Goa'uld verb. rdanderson.com, Arduinna
  • K'tano Jaffa messiah. tvtome.com
  • K'tau An Asgard protected planet. Arduinna
  • Kull Warrior Cannon fodder. 711 "Evolution" credits, 716 "Death Knell" credits
  • Kynthia An Argosian woman. tvtome.com


  • Laira Forward babe from "A Hundred Days." tvtome.com, rdanderson.com
  • Catherine Langford Civilian consultant. tvtome.com, 110 "The Torment of Tantalus" credits (Young Catherine), 221 "1969" credits (Catherine), imdb.com (Catherine Langford, PhD)
  • Professor Langford Catherine's pop. 110 "The Torment of Tantalus" credits, imdb.com (Prof. Langford)
  • Dr. Langham Erstwhile Area 51 personnel. 614 "Smoke and Mirrors" credits
  • Lantash An old friend of Sam's. tvtome.com (Martouf/Lantash)
  • Major Lawrence SGC personnel. 520 "The Sentinel" credits
  • Dr. Levant/Ray Gunne Daniel-analogue. 512 "Wormhole X-treme" credits
  • Joe Levinson Tommy's father. 302 "Seth" credits
  • Tommy Levinson Mooney. 302 "Seth" credits
  • liaison A representative or a government or department. Not liason. English
  • Linea Prisoner who aids SG-1 in 203 "Prisoners". rdanderson.com
  • Dr. Ernest Littlefield Tantalus. tvtome.com, 110 "The Torment of Tantalus" credits (Young Ernest)
  • lieutenant A rank. English
  • Loki Asgard mischief-maker. 703 "Fragile Balance" credits
  • Loran Light addict. rdanderson.com, tvtome.com
  • Lya Nox woman. 116 "Enigma" credits


  • Machello Alien inventor. He appears in the 304 "Legacy" credits as Ma'chello, which spelling is deprecated as too Goa'uldish. 218 "Holiday" credits
  • Dr. MacLaren Creator of maclarenium. 505 "Red Sky" credits
  • maclarium Chemical name for a "super-heavy" element also known as HU2340. Formed from MacLaren, although maclarenium might be more correct. Soundbite: 28:08. repository
  • Ma'kar A Jaffa? 414 "The Serpent's Venom" credits
  • Colonel Robert F. Makepeace (SG-3) Commander of SG-3, the Marine unit. tvtome.com, 211/212 "The Tok'ra" credits (Colonel Makepeace)
  • Malikai Alien archaeologist. Gibson34
  • Mansfield SGC personnel. 515 "Summit" credits
  • Lt. Marchenko Russian cannon-fodder. 508 "The Tomb" credits
  • Marduk Chief Babylonian Goa'uld. scifi.com guide
  • Martha The Langfords' maid. 110 "The Torment of Tantalus" credits
  • Martouf An old friend of Sam's. tvtome.com (Martouf/Lantash)
  • Mastadge Movie character? imdb.com
  • Colonel Harry Maybourne NID staff. tvtome.com
  • Rodney McKay Male chauvinist pig. tvtome.com
  • Dr. McKenzie SGC shrink. Incorrectly listed as Dr. MacKenzie at rdanderson.com. 112 "Fire and Water" credits, 502 "Threshold" credits, tvtome.com
  • Melosha Tuplo's daughter. 104 "The Broca Divide" credits
  • Lt. Menard SGC personnel. 707 "Enemy Mine" credits
  • Merrin Orbanian girl. tvtome.com
  • Gary Meyers, PhD Movie character. imdb.com
  • Meyers SGC geek personnel? 608 "The Other Guys" credits
  • Moac Jaffa cannon fodder. 320 "Maternal Instinct" credits
  • Mollem Melon the Aschen dude in "2010." Melon is spelled Molum when he reappears in "2001." tvtome.com, scifi.com guide
  • Monk SGC personnel? 101 "Children of the Gods" credits
  • Professor Monroe An instructor at the Air Force Academy. 419 "Prodigy" credits
  • La'el Montrose Alien. 708 "Space Race" credits
  • Morrigan SGC personnel. 515 "Summit" credits
  • Moughal A mongol. tvtome.com
  • Muirios Alien racer. 708 "Space Race" credits


  • Nabeh Movie character. imdb.com
  • naqahdah The Stargate element. This spelling appeared on a computer screen during Samuels' briefing in "The Serpent's Lair." Screenshots: 9:58, 9:56. Variants are innumerable and are all deprecated, including naquadah and the alternate spelling naquada listed at scifi.com tech. 201 "The Serpent's Lair"
  • Narim A Tollan friend of Sam's. tvtome.com
  • Nasya The planet Jolinar was hiding out on. rdanderson.com
  • Nasyans The people Jolinar was hiding out in. rdanderson.com
  • Natania An alien. 621 "Prophecy" credits
  • Naytha Girlfriend of Garan? tvtome.com
  • Nem The Creature from the Black Lagoon. tvtome.com
  • Nephthys Egyptian goddess. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • Nictal Jaffa babe. 710 "Birthright" credits
  • N.I.D. Bad guys. 514 "48 Hours" credits
  • Nikka An Ankaran. 409 "Scorched Earth" credits
  • Nirrti Snakehead babe. tvtome.com, rdanderson.com
  • nish'ta Green gaseous Goa'uld pheromones. rdanderson.com
  • the Nox Good guys. 107 "The Nox" title
  • Nut Egyptian goddess. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • Nya A mongol? tvtome.com


  • Obmos Reputed birthplace of Seth in Upper Egypt. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • O'Brien Military personnel. 503 "Ascension" credits
  • Ocker A Tok'ra? 609 "Allegiance" credits
  • Olokun A Goa'uld System Lord. 515 "Summit" credits
  • Oma Desala Mother Nature type. 320 "Maternal Instinct" credits
  • Omoc A Tollan with an attitude. tvtome.com
  • Omoroca The Creaturette from the Black Lagoon. rdanderson.com
  • Charlie O'Neill Spawn. 106 "Cold Lazarus" credits
  • Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill MacGyver. The movie spelling O'Neil is deprecated. Jack, O'Neill, or Colonel O'Neill is acceptable. Teal'c calls him O'Neill, but the Teal'cized spelling ColonelO'Neill still occurs and is deprecated. "It's O'Neill, with two l's." --Jack in 209 "Secrets". The two l's also come up in 510 "2001". Soundbite: 28:45 ("Secrets") Screenshot: 42:32 ("Small Victories") 401 "Small Victories" (O'NEILL), 209 "Secrets" (two l's), scifi.com cast, imdb.com (Colonel Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil)
  • Sara O'Neill Charlie's mother. tvtome.com, imdb.com (Sarah O'Neill)
  • Opher A Nox? tvtome.com
  • Orban Home of the Orbanians. rdanderson.com
  • Orlin Yet another friend of Sam's, in "Ascension." tvtome
  • Osiris Egyptian god. This spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth"


  • Pamela An abductee. 703 "Fragile Balance" credits
  • Pangar A planet, some people. 610 "Cure" credits (Pangar Sentries)
  • Paynan A local - probably the cranky old guy. 317 "A Hundred Days" credits
  • Sgt. Peters USAF. 411 "Point of No Return" credits
  • pheromone A hazard of Hathor. Not pheremone. English
  • Pierce SGC personnel. 408 "The First Ones" credits, 510 "2001" credits
  • plagiarism Really an HP thing, but in case it comes up, the spellings plagerism and plagarism are wrong. Don't even think about putting a j in there. English
  • Porro Movie character. imdb.com


  • Quetlzelcoatl Giant Mayan deity. 321 "Crystal Skull" credits
  • Jonas Quinn The anti-Daniel. The Teal'cized spelling JonasQuinn is deprecated. scifi.com cast
  • Quinta Alien dude? 202 "In the Line of Duty" credits


  • Ra An alternate spelling for the Egyptian god Re. The primary spelling is sadly deprecated. The Ra spelling appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth", imdb.com, English
  • Rak'nor A Jaffa. tvtome.com
  • Ramius A Goa'uld. 711 "Evolution" credits
  • Dr. Raully Future SGC female personnel in 222/301. tvtome.com
  • Reetou Aliens. rdanderson.com
  • Reilly Movie character. imdb.com
  • Reynolds Military personnel. 503 "Ascension" credits
  • ribbon device Goa'uld jewelry. Not devise. English
  • Lt. Ritter SGC personnel. 707 "Enemy Mine" credits
  • Ronac Teal'c's father. 404 "Crossroads" credits
  • Rosha Jolinar's former host and Martouf's old flame. rdanderson.com
  • Roshure A prisoner? 203 "Prisoners" credits
  • Rothman An SGC scientist and proto-Quinn. 310 "Forever in a Day" credits, 321 "Crystal Skull" credits
  • Rya'c A relative of Teal'c. Ry'ac and Ry'auc are deprecated. 111 "Bloodlines" credits, 208 "Family" credits
  • Ryk'l Jaffa babe. 710 "Birthright" credits
  • Ryn'tak A Jaffa? 209 "Secrets" credits


  • Major Samuels tvtome.com
  • Lt. Colonel Samuels Military personnel. Was a Major in season 1 until "Politics." tvtome.com (Major Samuels, Lt. Colonel Bert Samuels)
  • Sanderson Bad guy? 611 "Prometheus" credits
  • sarcophagi Latin plural of sarcophagus. English
  • sarcophagus Coffin for a god, from the Greek sarkofagos, "flesh eating." English
  • sarcophaguses English plural of sarcophagus. English
  • Saroosh Selmak's old host. tvtome.com (Saroosh/Selmak)
  • Selmak A Tok'ra. Not Selmac. 211/212 "The Tok'ra" credits
  • Sendear An alien. 621 "Prophecy" credits
  • sergeant A rank. One of the top 100 misspelled words. English
  • Setesh (Set, Setekh, Seth, Seti, Sutekh, Setech, Sutech) The Egyptian god of Darkness. These spellings all appeared on a web page about Seth in his episode. Screenshots: 7:09, 7:00. 302 "Seth"
  • Seth 18th century cult leader in England. Screenshot: 8:25. Also an alternate spelling of Setesh. Screenshot: 7:00. 302 "Seth", tvtome.com
  • SF Air Force abbreviation for security forces. 701 "Fallen" credits
  • Sha're A native of Abydos. The movie spelling Sha'uri (TV Tome lists her movie credit as Sha'ri) is deprecated, but it's so much nicer that I'll understand if you use it anyway. tvtome.com (Sha're), imdb.com (Sha'uri)
  • Shak'l Byrsa elder? 115 "Cor-Ai" credits
  • Shan'auc of the Red Hills An old flame of Teal'c's. Tvtome also has Shau'nac. rdanderson.com
  • Shaq'rel A rebel Jaffa. 601 "Redemption" credits
  • Vernon Sharpe Gas station attendant. 613 "Sight Unseen" credits (Mrs. Sharpe)
  • shol'va Jaffa for "traitor." rdanderson.com
  • Barbara Shore, PhD Movie character. imdb.com
  • Sergeant Siler Yet another friend of Sam's. 117 "Solitudes" credits (Sgt. Siler), 207 "Message in a Bottle" credits (Sergeant Siler), etc.
  • Simian Blind prisoner. 203 "Prisoners" credits
  • Col. Frank Simmons Q. TV Tome lists him as Colonel John Symmonds for "Desperate Measures." 503 "Ascension" title credits
  • Lieutenant Graham Simmons Appeared in "The Fifth Race," "Message in a Bottle," "A Matter of Time," "Serpent's Song," and "Redemption" (as Lt. Simmons). tvtome.com
  • Sina An alien? 621 "Prophecy" credits, 701 "Fallen" credits
  • Agent Singer NID personnel. 605 "Nightwalkers" credits
  • Skaara A native of Abydos. Ska'ara is tempting but deprecated. Skarra is incorrect. 121 "Within the Serpent's Grasp" title credits
  • Sokar "Basically, he was the original Satan." --Daniel; "Speak of the devil." --Jack, "Serpent's Song." His name appeared on-screen in "Serpent's Song." Screenshot: 14:05 217 "Serpent's Song", 312 "Jolinar's Memories" credits, 313 "The Devil You Know" credits
  • Solen Tomin's replacement. 305 "Learning Curve" credits
  • Spellman SGC personnel. 517 "Fail Safe" credits
  • SGC Stargate Command. Beware the typo SCG.
  • Mrs. Struble Schoolteacher. 305 "Learning Curve" credits
  • Secretary of Defense David Swift Secretary of Defense at the time of "The Nox." American English, tvtome.com (Secretary of Defence David Swift)
  • symbiote Parasite. Synonymous with symbiont. English
  • symbiotic The adjectival form of symbiote. Symbiontic is deprecated. English


  • Talia Alien wife. 202 "In the Line of Duty" credits
  • Tara'c A Jaffa. 518 "The Warrior" credits
  • Taupen Alien. 708 "Space Race" credits
  • the Tauri You and me. Often spelled Tau'ri for the sexy apostrophe. Note that proper usage always includes the definite article ("the Tauri," analogous to "the Sahara") and refers to the planet Earth itself. Earthlings are technically "the people of the Tauri." Teal'c explains this in 102 "The Enemy Within" (14:35). Tauri also happens to be the genitive of (the constellation) Taurus, the Bull. rdanderson.com, closed-captioning
  • Foreman Taylor Movie character. imdb.com
  • Teal'c The one who glares. O'Neill spells it aloud for a visitor in "The Enemy Within." Soundbite: 13:25 ("The Enemy Within") Screenshot: 27:32 ("Small Victories") 102 "The Enemy Within", 401 "Small Victories", scifi.com cast
  • Dr. Thompson Geek in Space. 419 "Prodigy" credits
  • Thor Viking god. 109 "Thor's Hammer" title and credits, 206 "Thor's Chariot" title and credits, 611 "Prometheus" credits (Voice of Thor)
  • Major Thornbird Cheyenne Mountain personnel. 221 "1969" credits
  • Thoth A minor Goa'uld. 712 "Evolution (2)" credits
  • Tiamat Babylonian primordial ocean/dragon/chaos goddess. English
  • Tobay Abydonian guy. 101 "Children of the Gods" credits, 622 "Full Circle" credits
  • Lt. Clare Tobias The evil anti-Sam. 318 "Shades of Grey" credits
  • Togar See Urgo. On second thought, don't. tvtome.com, rdanderson.com
  • Tok'ra Against Ra. 211/212 "The Tok'ra" title
  • Tollan Old Tollan homeworld, snooty Tollan people. 509 "Between Two Fires" credits (Tollan Guard)
  • Tollana New Tollan homeworld. rdanderson.com
  • Tollans Aliens with a Prime Directive. rdanderson.com
  • Tomin Son of Kalan. 305 "Learning Curve" credits
  • Tomis A friend of Jonas. 521 "Meridian" credits
  • Triad Tollan for trial. rdanderson.com
  • Major General Trofsky Future SCG personnel in 222/301. tvtome.com
  • Judge Trvill Yet another intolerable Tollan. tvtome.com
  • Tryan Frozen alien. 706 "Lifeboat" credits
  • Councilor Tuplo High Councilor of the Untouched in the Land of Light. tvtome.com
  • Turghan A mongol. tvtome.com
  • Lieutenant Tyler The lieutenant from Texas. Screenshot: 12:12 (Tyler, Texas). 504 "The Fifth Man"
  • Typhon The Greek god of chaos. Screenshot: 8:16. 302 "Seth"


  • Unas Goa'uld Minotaur. 507 "Beast of Burden" credits, 707 "Enemy Mine" credits
  • Urgo An annoyance. 316 "Urgo" title
  • Urrone Selected Orban children. rdanderson.com


  • Dr. Van Densen A neurosurgeon. 621 "Prophecy" credits
  • Vishnoor Big prisoner who serves the food. 203 "Prisoners" credits


  • Dr. Warner SGC medical personnel. He introduces himself as chief surgeon in 102 "The Enemy Within" (11:23). 114 "Singularity" credits
  • Major Warren Major who has served on SG-2 and SG-3. 101 "Children of the Gods" credits (Warren), 203 "Prisoners" credits (Major Warren)
  • Sergeant Warren Who knows? 314 "Foothold" credits
  • Watts SGC personnel? 215 "A Matter of Time" credits
  • Webber SGC personnel. 517 "Fail Safe" credits
  • Werner An abductee. 703 "Fragile Balance" credits
  • Lt. General W.O. West Former SCG commander. tvtome.com, imdb.com (WO West)
  • whipped cream Oft-abused Tauri food. Never whip cream. Not synonymous with whipping cream. English
  • Lt. Woeste SGC personnel. 707 "Enemy Mine" credits
  • Zyang Wu An abductee. 703 "Fragile Balance" credits



  • Yosuuf A Tok'ra host. tvtome.com (Yosuuf/Garshaw of Belote)
  • Goa'uld System Lord Yu-huang "Yu The Great" Yu. tvtome.com, 515 "Summit" credits (Yu The Great)


  • zatarc A Goa'uld brainwashee. rdanderson.com
  • zat O'Neill's nickname for zatn'kitel. The plural is "zats." scifi.com tech
  • zatn'kitel Goa'uld energy pistol. Spelled zat'nik'tel at rdanderson.com. First appeared in 121 "Within the Serpent's Grasp." scifi.com tech
  • Zipacna A snakehead. 315 "Pretense" credits, 515 "Summit" credits
  • Sergeant Ziplinski SGC personnel. 303 "Fair Game" credits


  • 2IC Second in command. English


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