To copyleft or not to copyleft...

I considered copyleft or an Open Content License for my fanfic, but I decided that the natural and inalienable copyright inhering in my fic would do nicely, thanks.

This page addresses some permission issues that may come up. People rarely write me for permission, but maybe this page will make it even rarer. If you have a question regarding a hostee (Jade or MJB), please email her or yours truly for details. The statements below apply only to Jemima, except for the linking section which covers the entire site.


No, you may not archive my fic. There are three people out there who have permission to archive one story apiece. If you're not one of those people (and you're probably not) then don't do it. You can read my rant on the subject of fic taxes at zendom. If you really still want to do it, then send me an email and I'll reply with a personalized, polite "no".

Some of my Trek fic will someday be available at Trekiverse, because I posted it there and made no anti-archiving provisions. Trekiverse has my Stamp of Approval as a centralized resource of Trek fandom.

Likewise, someday some of my fic may end up at BfA, if I ever get around to filling out the forms. I'd really rather they arranged to link people, though, which leads us to...


Anyone may link any html page on this website. When linking, please use the link provided at the bottom of each page, rather than cutting and pasting the longer link in the location bar of your browser. The short links look like:

Don't use the old links with the redirector URL

or the Freeshell URL

Anything else is probably a temporary mirror page. The redirector is now causing popups and hiding the path, so it's deprecated.

Jade and MJB have their own subdomains:

Jade's subdomain should be used instead of her redirector:

for the reasons given above.

Please don't link to plain text pages (if you can even find them) - their purpose is printing convenience and keeping the few Courier fanatics out there happy.

You may link any wiki page except the transcripts, which may not be housed here permanently. Link to Psyche's Transcripts instead. The wiki is only at Freeshell, so don't bother with the redirector address for that.

Thanks to Liz Barr, there's now a button:


You can use it to link to the main page ( or the blog (


You can quote at will in accordance with copyright law. There is no legal page limit for quotations or extracts, no matter what librarians or the fronts of pay-per-books tell you. I have a quotes page myself, and I didn't ask any of those people for permission to quote them. Go forth and do likewise.


I'm not breaking any laws - go ahead, drag me to court and prove otherwise, I double-dare you - so I don't feel the need to disclaim anything. If you didn't know where Star Trek or Stargate came from and who made the money off of their trademarks, then you wouldn't be here.

That's the short story behind my favorite disclaimer:

When Gene Roddenberry comes to me and complains, I'll stop.

The long story is that fanfiction is protected under many provisions of copyright law - parody, fair use, transformative use - and I'm not one to listen when corporate lawyers trample common law for their own benefit, digital millennium or no. Far from it. You'll get my fanfiction and my said-bookisms when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

Was that inciteful enough?

I do make a small exception for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, since it seems to be the invention of one, living man (as opposed to the Great Bird of the Galaxy, who has passed beyond all copyrights). So my standard Buffy disclaimer acknowledges him, without disclaiming anything:

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is the creation of Joss Whedon.

I'm still waiting for that subpoena.

Looking and Feeling

The style and colors of this site are the creation of Jemima and may be reproduced, altered and used without any attribution or permission (though a link is always nice). Most of the gifs were available for free on-line - most notably, the Trek chevron gif was free and may be reused without guilt, and the Stargate chevrons on the Stargate page were made by Jemima and are free for any use.

For more details on swiping my stylesheets, see the yellow page.

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