Where is the hat?

This is the True Tale of the Cunning Hat. Or rather, it's a screenshot collection assembled for the edification of cunning hat knitters, and especially for Jade, who knitted me a cunning hat and got me addicted to Firefly. To the best of my knowledge, this is a fair use. Firefly is copyright 2002 by Twentieth Century Fox.

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True Tale of the Cunning Hat

To step through the whole long story of the cunning hat, start at Chapter 1 or skip ahead to Chapter 2, 3, etc.

Hat Highlights

For the Best of the Cunning Hat, read on:


Classic hat shot, with straw.

Classic 2

Another classic hat shot.

Classic 3

Another classic hat shot.

Classic 4

Love me, love my hat.

Close up

A close-up of the knit.

Close up 2

"Pretty cunning, don'tchya think?"

Hat Bloopers


The hat blooper.

Blooper 2

The pom-pom goes on the outside, Jayne.

Casual Day

The next hat chapter is coming soon!

Postage Due

Screencaps were taken from the (originally) unaired Firefly episode "The Message" on the DVD set, using SnapNDrag, a free screenshot program for Mac OS X. Thumbnails were generated with Thumbnailer 1.7. The CSS used to display the images with captions wrapped on the page was taken from A List Apart. Any actual quotes are from the shooting script at TWIZ TV.

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