Where am I?

Sorry about the blindfold. This page is loosely associated, though you'll never prove it, with Project S31. You would be wise not to reveal anything you see here.

Welcome to my sub-conspiracy.

Who are you?

Of course, you never really know who anyone is in Section 31, but I have a purloined bio and a little musical interlude about my seditious doings on behalf of the Federation.

The unFAQ

The main feature of this semi-secret, non-yellow portion of Jemima's Chevron is the unFAQ. If you are deviously clever, you may be able to extract some answers from the unFAQ.

You may find some of my other resources helpful: the Borg species list and a Trek links page.

Jemima's Section 31 Stories

Logic Dictates (12k) [G] (Tu) 2/01
What has Tuvok, Interstellar Man of Mystery, been up to all these years? An excerpt from The Museum.

Home Front (25k) [PG] (K, 7, AU) 5/01
Every universe is an alternate universe for Harry Kim, most travelled ensign in history. Another excerpt from The Museum.

The Museum (225k) [PG] (crew, Section 31, AU) 7/01
An AU series within the framework of a more nearly canonical story. Dark, paranoid, conspiratorial, secretive, chilling like those first few nanoprobes in your bloodstream - well, dark, at least. Would you believe 'dim'?

Than Fade Away (20k) [PG] (various) 7/02
B'Elanna trades in her bat'leth for a spatula, driving Tom into a fateful investigation of his former crewmates' post-Endgame behavior.
Contains various pairings chosen mainly for their implausibility.

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