By Jemima Pereira (
Fic series: Stargate by Drabbles
© September 2003
Rating: G
Season: season 2
Series: Stargate SG-1

A drabble coda to "The Tok'ra (2)," about the character known only as "Tok'ra Council Woman."

No dough, no foul.

Thanks to Jerie for making it possible.

Until today I was a host for the Tok'ra.

After the Grand Council meeting, Cordesh lured me to an isolated tunnel. There he killed my symbiote and jumped into my body, then sent his former host to cover for him while we recovered from the shock.

Cordesh feared death. He had promised his host eternal life in a Goa'uld sarcophagus; he offered me the same if I would cooperate. Now that Cordesh and his host have been destroyed, I cannot prove I resisted.

The Tok'ra see me as tainted with Cordesh's memory; I may no longer serve as a host.