By Jemima Pereira (
Fic series: Stargate by Drabbles
© September 2003
Rating: G
Season: season 3
Series: Stargate SG-1

A drabble coda to "Into the Fire."

No dough, no foul.

Thanks to Jerie for making it possible.

The victorious allies gathered to go their separate ways through the Stargate. Daniel asked O'Neill, "So what really happened to Hathor?"

He shrugged. "She had a date with some liquid nitrogen."

Bra'tac never missed an opportunity to lecture. "Goa'uld symbiotes are sensitive to extreme cold."

"Extremely sensitive," O'Neill agreed.

Daniel would not be put off. "How exactly did Hathor meet the liquid nitrogen, Jack?"

"I tossed her in."

"You killed the goddess with your bare hands," Bra'tac said. He and his fellow Jaffa bowed their heads reverently to O'Neill.

Jack looked at his hands. "I suppose I should wash them."