By Jemima Pereira (
Fic series: Stargate by Drabbles
© September 2003
Rating: G
Season: season 3
Series: Stargate SG-1

A drabble coda to "Legacy." Jack follows his own suggestion.

No dough, no foul.

Thanks to Jerie for making it possible.

For the out-of-towners, OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Sam read the brass warning label at the base of the ramp. "I can't believe you made a plaque."

Jack stood to admire his work. "OSHA requirements," he said.

"Gate travel doesn't cause schizophrenia," Sam said, "Ma'chello does."

Jack groaned. "But there are other hazards, like wrong numbers."

"Zat fire," Sam countered.

"Time travel."


Jack wasn't sure what that was. "Exploding children."

Sam frowned. "Human extinction."

"Black holes," he replied to lighten the mood.

"Death gliders."


"Resurrection," Sam said without missing a beat.

"Unwanted deity."

Sam winced. "Marriage."

"That's low, Carter."

"I was thinking of Daniel, sir."