By Jemima Pereira (
Fic series: Stargate by Drabbles
© January 2004
Rating: G
Season: season 4
Series: Stargate SG-1

A drabble coda to "Divide and Conquer."

No dough, no foul.

Thanks to Veronica for making it possible.

You have a Carter problem.

Maybe that should have been clear once Daniel came back from the Engagement Universe, way back when. Instead, you almost got your brain fried because your denial is so ingrained it passes for Goa'uld mind control.

Now Teal'c is giving you his I pity the Tauri look - as if his love life is anything to write Chulak about. You trust Janet to protect Carter, if not you - but Anise is probably blabbing to the other Tok'ra right now.

Worst of all, not only does Carter know but she had to explain it to you.