About the Script

blogquiz.cgi is a perl script for scoring blog quizzes. The quiz itself goes on the accompanying html page quiz.html. The source is free for any use.

blogquiz.cgi will grade a multiple-choice quiz form of any number of questions, with any number of outcomes (the categories). It can grade either by majority of questions in a particular category, or by averaging. The default is the former.

Since blogquiz runs on the webserver, it will work even for javascript-disabled browsers. It also creates the results pages dynamically, sparing you the trouble of making and editing an html page for each possible outcome. Another advantage of blogquiz is automatic escaping of the cut-and-paste code, so you don't have to mask the <'s and >'s by hand.

You can take the sample quiz to see how it works.


The files you need are quiz.html and blogquiz.cgi. Right-click on the links to download them. You can rename it as required by your host. View blogquiz.cgi to see the installation instructions. Please follow them carefully.

Feedback: jemimap23@gmail.com
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