The following tiles were created by running Life on a torus (joined edges). Image dimensions are 100x100 or 125x125 pixels and the files are five to eight kilobytes in size. They are free for any use.

Click a tile to view it tiled on a demo page. Command-click or right-click to save. More tiles can be found in Tile Gallery 1 and Tile Gallery 2.

The Tiles

The following are various generations of B235/S3 between 400 and 615. The sepia tone version of each tile appears below. See Tile Gallery 1 for the black-and-white versions.


Rosette in Colors

I experimented a bit with coloring the tiles before deciding on my current favorite sepia tone. The full set can be found in Tile Gallery 2. All are from rule B235/S3.

These are 100x100 from generation 412:


These are generation 1000 at 125x125:


Other Tiles

Here's a Persian rug (B234/S generation 1000) as a tile:
Persian tile

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