By Jemima Pereira (
Series: The "Empty Shell" Series #3
© May 2003
Codes: challenge, drabble
Rating: PG
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Third in a series of responses to Rob's Empty Shell challenge.

When Gene Roddenberry comes to me and complains, I'll stop.

The previous drabbles in the "Empty Shell" series are The Full Shell [ENT] and Grand Opening [TOS].

Data arrived in the transporter room for beamdown. "Wesley, Lieutenant, you have metal protruding from your faces."

"We want to blend in," Yar said, twiddling a stud.

"Shall I pierce myself?" Data inquired.

Tasha grinned. "The powdered look is gagh enough," Wesley said. "Did you replicate your board?"

Data held up the thin, wheeled sheet of transparent aluminum. "Lieutenant, I am curious about our destination."

"The Park? It's been banging around the Federation for years - used to be a housing project." And looks it, she thought. "Just wait till you see Wes skate! It's like he controls time and space."