By Jemima Pereira (
Series: The "Empty Shell" Series #2
© May 2003
Codes: challenge, drabble
Rating: G
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series

Second in a series of responses to Rob's Empty Shell challenge.

When Gene Roddenberry comes to me and complains, I'll stop.

The first drabble in the "Empty Shell" series is The Full Shell [ENT]. The next drabble in the series is Sk8er Droid [TNG].

Kirk glanced over his latest orders. "'Luxury apartments'? What is this, Yeoman?"

"I hear they're giving special consideration to Starfleet Officers," Rand said. "Sir."


She gave him her 'don't shoot the messenger' look, so he handed the clipboard to McCoy and said, "Uhura, hail Starfleet Command."

Uhura confirmed that Kirk was scheduled to speak at the grand opening.

McCoy finished reading. "They can't expect people to live in that thing! It's killed billions."

"Not when you put it that way, Doc," Sulu agreed.

Kirk's expression brightened. "I like the way you think, Mr. Sulu. Set course for Mudd Estates."