Where am I now?

You are sometime-Lieutenant Tom Paris, in a spacesuit polishing the outer hull. Isn't that what Kelis meant?

Or maybe this is just Jemima's main Voyager page, serving up all sorts of fanfictional goodies. Beware! Fanfic is a class nine addictive substance according to the Federation medical databanks. Don't make me say I told you so.

Voyager Stories

Jemima's fan fiction is here, as well as MJB's Revolution series and Jade's J/C stories. Jemima has also written up some recommendations and links in the form of awards for the best of Voyager fanfic.


Jemima spends too much time reading other people's fan fiction and Jim's Voyager reviews. With help from Jade and Anne, she has amassed a large collection of quotes. For example, "Shining Voyager, far from home, far from the gleaming cities of Earth," is a line from the episode Muse, or as Jim Wright dubbed it, B'Elanna: the Musical!

Quoting Jim Wright is a neverending task because every other line he writes is a one-liner. He is the definition of ROTFL, yet there is also substance. The Delta Blues Voyager Review Archive is the Voyager bible for any aspiring fanfic author.

The Borg and Beyond

Here is the link for anyone who's come looking for the Borg species list. This list was originally compiled by Neo Matrix. Jemima is trying to keep it up to date, so please email her if you know of a species she's missed.

See the links page for all sorts of useful links for Voyager, fanfic and writing. To be notified of updates to this site, sign up at Yahoo! Groups or send email to the address below.

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