Sufficient Unto the Snark

There comes a time in a working girl’s life when she has to decide, do I make lunch tonight or do I wait until morning? Do I iron en-masse and leave the clothes over the chair all week, or take it one day at a time? I’ve reached a decision on this vital matter: sufficient unto the day is the ironing therein.

Zendom is going well - we have an inactive website already at Diaryland. I was just mouthing off on the list about sarcasm:

I suspect, however, that [the distinction between humor and bashing] is a cultural difference I won’t be able to surmount. You see, sarcasm isn’t just joking around to me - it’s my native tongue. Where I come from, our attitude has always been: if you can’t say something amusing, you shouldn’t say anything at all. The purpose of any cultural artifact, whether Trek or criminal Rhode Island mayors or Microserf or fandom itself, is to provide material for smart remarks. While it may not be the apex of Western culture (then again, it may), sarcasm is very highly valued in my little subculture. As the scorpion said (in Jim’s review, at least), “it’s what I do.”

I still haven’t read the drafts on 31 or seen Buffy: The Musical!, because I went shopping tonight instead and got a nice pair of pants in my extraordinarily rare size for only $7.50. I love Filene’s Basement.

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