What’s the deal with Yahoogroups? It took me days to get onto the BetterBuffyFics list and link it to my YahooID.

Thank the gypsies I kept trying, though, because I’ve already read some Better Buffy Fic, by Avalon. She was a J/C writer once, too - maybe that explains her appeal.

On the down side of Better Buffy Fic, I tried another link to a fic whose prose was far too wooden for me to get into. It was on and had literally hundreds of glowing reviews, which makes me bitter because the one fic I posted there (A Light Beyond) got one review. Count it, one. went down for a month a few hours after I posted it, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Ahem. I wasn’t going to beg for feedback. Since I still have the account, I should post my Buffy fic there, just to see what happens.

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