First Person Musing

It’s late, I’m still editing those Buffy fics, but I had some thoughts that must get blogged:

One, I’ve tracked down my muse. Not to get her to write on command, but I’ve figured out what she writes, and what I write. It’s not as simple as saying she writes the good stuff and I crank out the puff pieces, though that would be close. The muse writes the first-person stories (”The Dance”, “Ambassador”, “148″), the mythic short-stories embedded in other fics (”A Maquis Holiday”, “Marriage is Irrelevant”), and, of course, the vastly underappreciated filks (”The Wreck of the Voyager”, “Chakotay”, “Yesterday, When I was Borg”). Sorry I didn’t link all those - they’re all on the Voyager page, except “148″ which is BtVS to appear.

My other thought of the night comes from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, the movie. That was a cheeseball bit of writing on Joss Whedon’s part, and I think it’s what makes him a fanfic writer. We all write fanfic because we take the show too seriously (I have a whole theory of Taking Things Too Seriously, which is going to have to wait for my next turn at bat on Zendom), and The Great Bird of the Hellmouth seems to have taken his Vampire/Teen B-movie too seriously in exactly the same way.

And he keeps on doing it… I know I should be working on that novel, but I Keep On Doing It Too, in scary capital letters. I Can’t Help It. Somebody Stop Me…

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