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So many interesting bloggets have come up lately, and now is my first chance to reblog them all here. First of all, I was bowled over by the Demon Casablanca Blog (scattered through Anna’s blog) that I found via Jintian. (Via is one of those words you should never use - there’s always a better preposition, in theory. One of the joys of fanfic is breaking all those rules - so you’ll get my said-bookisms when you pry them out of my cold, dead fingers!)

Jintian was also kind enough to say nice things about my fic, even though betaing it relieves her of all minion duties. Ever vigilant, she also informed me that I was recced on a page I’d never heard of, Polyamorous Recommendations. (I’m under What’s New? It took me a while to find myself.)

Liz complained about her Buffy the Musical CD going bad. I was all excited about my Buffy the Musical CD, which my lovely sister Veronica made for me to cement this Buffy.obsession for which she’s singlehandedly responsible. (I guess she wants more Buffyfic, though she’s not at all happy that the Legion of Doom is starring in my next story.) Where was I? Oh, yes, all excited, until I found out that neither of my CD players will play Buffy the Musical. Sigh. I guess crime doesn’t pay after all. At least my mac will play it, and it plays audio CD’s in a whole other mode, so they don’t eat processor time like the clunky old free mpeg player (MPEGLayer3Player) I’d been using.

Liz isn’t the only one getting units of reviews on while others get hundreds. It’s a strange, strange place. I think I may give it up again, since it was just a play for feedback.

Hey, Christine is actually blogging! Did I miss something? Am I yesterday’s news? Am I a pile of the morning’s Metro left on the Red Line despite the conductor’s plea, “Please remove all personal belongings, newspapers and Metros“? (If you live in one of the many cities around the world afflicted by the Metro, you’ll appreciate the implication that it’s not a newspaper.) I don’t even know who Lilla is, and everyone’s linking her now. I don’t remember her from jetc. How much have I blocked out?

Linked by the mysterious Lilla, a bloggily-transmitted disease:

Speaking of jetc, Seema was talking about on-line friends in her blog. I have, of course, a rather jaded view of virtual people, so I found the following line far more descriptive of on-line relations than ten blogs full of analysis:

In the end, Che found out that her friend had actually faked her death (how horrible is that??), but what Che was going through those first few days were very real emotions, not at all “virtual.” Seema, 22-XII-2001

Real emotions about fake people…eventually, it bites you in the behind. The last time I got into a philosophical discussion of friendship, my beta reader got very nervous. It’s no use preaching Aristotle these days, so I’ll just let Sans Ailes stand as my obscure statement on friendships, near and far.

Yes, Lori, I have heard of making the cat dance, though I’d heard masking tape was the way to go. You know how easy I am to talk up onto that soapbox - Fic Taxes it is. Do you want that before or after Taking Things Too Seriously?

The last blog of the evening is zendom, the magazine. The Vinegar of the Biweek is an essay by a hobbit about the seamy side of fandom. I did promise freedom of speech…but if it were up to me, everyone would be obliged to write good stories without ever inserting Part A in Part B. Somehow English literature limped along for eight hundred years with nothing racier than the occasional cuckold joke or mad-Hamlet innuendo - and yet it was all so good (except The Mill on the Floss).

Maybe I’m just taking things too seriously.

Well, that concludes this evening’s tour of the local blogs. One last bit of non-news: I’ve joined the Guild. I’m a big fan of guilds; in fact, I’m practically medieval - but that’s a whole other blog, in which all fanfic writers, rejecting the modern cult of originality, are medieval. And it’s a good thing.

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