War Declared!

I’ve been a dazed and confuzed non-combatant in the Great Blog War for some time now, but you know I can’t let a good debate lie. So I jumped into the Switzerland Blogback Skirmish and now suddenly I’m all over Seema’s and Lori’s blogs. The Blog War to End All Blog War has taught me one thing - you can link directly to a blogback. My blogging-back rant still stands, but it’s nice to know I don’t have to extract my offensive William James quote and requote it here. It’s nice to know that I do so solely for the sake of violating the Khitomer Accords one more time:

Where is the sharpness and precipitousness, the contempt for life, whether one’s own or another’s? Where is the savage “yes” and “no,” the unconditional duty? Where is the conscription? Where is the blood-tax? Where is anything that one feels honored by belonging to? The Moral Equivalent of War, William James, 1910

I was very pleased to see that T’Pol has her own poolboy. Lovely little war, this… And Seema was kind enough to assemble the links for me, or steal them from Lori, more likely:

Declaration of War (Lori)
Response to Declaration of War (Seema)
Blog Wars I (Lori, TOS)
Blog Wars II (Seema, VOY)
Blog Wars III (Lori, TNG)
Blog Wars IV (Seema, DS9)
Blog Wars V (Lori, ENT)
Blog Wars VI (Seema, ENT)
Declaration of Neutrality (Seema, Liz)
The War in Liz’s Blogback and Jemima’s Dare to Conscript Her (Liz’s blogback, crew)
The Son of Blog War! (Lori, ENT)
Eviction from Switzerland (Liz)
The Attack of William James (Seema, Jemima)

On the Jemima’s Trek side, I posted DQ Babes in the Mirror-Mirror Universe, my award-losing J/P fic, to ASC. (It seems to be open repost season in there. I feel a huge awards brouhaha coming on.) Fortunately, someone here at Jemima’s Trek has fans and minions: Jade won third place in the Purple Comet Coda Contest for Bygones. Congratulations, Jade!

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