Lori Strikes Back

The blog war series continues in The Blogger Strikes Back. Lori made my poolboy disappear, which was quite unfair, but she made up for it by straying into yet another fandom. Elsewhere (in the Lori Fan Club, if you must know) Lori links AAA is happening again this year. Though it’s been half a year since I produced any significant J/C, for a lark I looked through my VOY fic to see if I had enough “new” stories to enter. I entered ten last year, out of eleven categories, and I found seven fresh ones already for this year’s mercifully curtailed contest. Nor does that fill the count of my J/C fics. Kahless, but B’Elanna the Canon-Correcting Muse was productive in her day. Buffybot has nothing on her…yet.

So am I going to do it? Do I need one last bad contest experience for old times’ sake? I’m not reading all the (non-smut) entries this time, that’s for sure. Pardon me while I reminisce - AAA is bringing back all sorts of memories of a year ago, when fandom was new (to me) - before C/7, before VOY went off the air, before virtual seasons and bitterness and the mass-unsubscribes as people abandoned VOY for greener pastures.

Ahem. Anyway, I had a few J/C stories tied up in other contests at the time the first AAA was going on, and I wrote a few more, in those last months after AAA and before BOFQ. Although repeat entries are allowed, just for the principle of the thing, I’m not going to repeat any of last year’s entries. Here are my losing fics, both past and planned:


  • Action/Adventure: Colony
  • AU: The Unity of the Multiverse
  • Drabble: The Worst Day
  • Episode Addition: Holodeck Safety Protocols
  • Friendship: Sans Ailes
  • Haiku: Romance
  • Humor: One Line, Two Dimples
  • Romance/Sap: Marriage is Irrelevant
  • Sad: Assimilation
  • Wildcard: The Bottle of Bajoran Blue Wine: A PADD Story


  • Action/Adventure: The Museum
  • Drabble/Poetry: Jade’s Drabble
  • Friendship/Hurt/Comfort: Thrive
  • Humor/Light: Lethe
  • Romance/Sap: The Dance
  • Sad/Tragedy/Angst: A Light Beyond
  • Wild Card: Lurking

It’s a tighter bunch, anyway, except for The Museum, weighing in at 225k. Since it ate half my year, it deserves to be in there. I may want to switch Thrive with A Light Beyond - what kind of catgory is Friendship/Hurt/Comfort, anyway?

Sorry for the lack of links. The stories are all available on my Voyager fic page.

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