Rumors of War

Check out the BlogWars page for the latest in wookie warfare. There’s an X-File, more incitement from the cowardly Swiss, and a whole new universe opening up in Lori’s blog. (Everyone join in with Marvin and groan, “Oh, not another one.”)

Veronica tells me that Demon Casablanca Blog has moved to its own page. Veronica also recommends BitterSweets? for the upcoming holiday.

Speaking of despair, I entered the AAA. Here’s the evidence:

From: “Entries”
Date: Sun Jan 20, 2002 09:13:20 AM US/Eastern
Subject: Re: Entry for Awesome Author Award 2002

Thanks for entering AAA 2002. Good Luck!

From: Jemima

Action/Adventure Title: The Museum
Action/Adventure url:
Rating: PG-13

Drabble/Poetry Title: Jade’s Drabble
Drabble/Poetry url:
Rating: PG-13

Friendship Title: A Light Beyond
Friendship url:
Rating: PG-13

Humor/Light Title: Lethe
Humor/Light url:
Rating: PG-13

Romance Title: The Dance
Romance url:
Rating: PG-13

Sad Title: Thrive
Sad url:
Rating: PG-13

Wild Card Title: Lurking
Wild Card url:
Rating: PG-13

Comments: I think it would be nice to list the top three stories in
each category, even if you don’t give awards for them, so people can
know how they did and readers can read the most popular stories

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