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It’s up. That was even more hellish to convert to HTML than I expected - I did it all with style, especially the float element. Janeway: The Musical! a.k.a. Filk of La Mancha is available for your humming-along pleasure. Here’s the summary:

Imagine Janeway tilting at interstellar windmills, her loyal bumpkin squire Chakotay tagging along for the ride, Seven of Nine in the role of Aldonza the whore, and the crew of Voyager as the chorus. Frightening, no?

It’s been a long time coming - the first filk of the album was my first filk ever, lo those eighteen months ago. Afterwards I talked a lot about filking the whole musical, and even filked a song or two at a time, but I finally sat down and forced myself to finish it this past weekend.

There are plenty more filks, including another whole album, on the filk page. I’ve also put up a Copyleft page and Jade’s new story, No Mere Fantasy, which she co-wrote with Consy. I think that qualifies as a site update, even without the face-lift.

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