First there was fanfic, then litfic, then fanfanfic, then Real People Fic (perhaps not in that order). Now the pinnacle of the fic phenomenon, the final transition from the shackles of low literature to the freedom of high art, is upon us. Yes, folks, it’s Legofic, and it’s spreading. Long long ago, in a blog far, far away, I first became acquainted with Legofic on-line, in The Brick Testament. Yet, as clare reminded me recently, Legofic was my first fic. Knights in armor rescuing princesses from elaborate sunshine-yellow castles…the little plastic smiley-face that launched a thousand ships…the quest for space in tiny grey gliders I fear were never airtight… There is no fic like your first fic; there is no fic like Legofic.

The very latest in Legofic, the Earthlink Bulletin tells me, is The Lord of the Rings in Lego™ format. See Strider with his broken sword in the People section, and the behind-the-scenes, making of the Legofic shots among the Places. Story chapters already up include the moving scenes at The Bridge of Khazad-Dum.

Building Moria out of Lego (a lot of Lego) was one of the quixotic quests of my misspent youth, so I was curious to see the author’s Lego Moria. I find myself disagreeing with his Legartistic view of Khazad-Dum - my Moria was smoother and clearly multi-levelled, if unfortunately built mostly in red. (Primary colors were popular in those days.) There are many challenges to building the Black Pit, including filming angles, but it is not the artist’s place to make excuses. Unfortunately, Bruce’s production values are not quite up to the standards of The Brick Testament. Perhaps he has forgone strict realism for Legabstraction, but in painting and in Lego, I prefer the realistic approach. (No cubism puns, please.)

Bruce’s Lego Site contains much more than just LotR; among the scenes from literary masterpieces, you can see Khan’s line from Moby Dick. There’s a snowy Olympics scene and plenty of Lego background images to download. (You know I had to grab the sunshine yellow ones.) I’ll be on the lookout for more Legofic. If I ever have children, I may even start filming my own.

Jade passed along a related link: Little People, featuring Fisher Price figures for many shows, but no actual fic content.

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