Divine Intervention

   Word of the day:  insurrection

I made my way through Divine Intervention (I don’t think it was capitalized on the cover) by Ken Wharton. My sister was bored enough with it that she lent it to me before she’d even finished. Reading it was like watching a movie - the cute kid, the loving yet slightly distanced parents who pull together to save the cute kid, the nasty government officials who will stop at nothing to hide what the cute kid has found, i.e., the cute alien, the heroic bumpkins who are more than they seem, the heroic military guy, etc. There were other bits, too, that wouldn’t have fit into a real movie - the history of the previous space expedition, told in epigraphs, the religion, which was too interesting an idea to come across on the big screen, and the frozen colonists endangered by the nasty government sorts. It was a good movie, but I wanted to read a book.

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