Tax Day

Yes, folks, it’s tax day in Massachusetts. Yesterday was a state holiday - Patriot’s Day, on which we commemorate Paul Revere’s 26-mile run from Hopkinton to Copley Square, at the end of which he shouted “The British are coming!” and fell dead on the steps of the Public Library. Or something like that.

In any event, the post offices and regional IRS offices were closed, so the deadline to file was postponed until today. I wasted my holiday filling out US C-EZ schedules and calculating how much I’d paid in rent this year - though it was, of course, far more than the maximum Mass. state deduction for rent. That’s the price of living it up in the capital. There was one exciting moment where I read the wrong line from the 1040 into a worksheet, and thought I’d gotten an extra $300 refund. No such luck.

I spent the rest of the holiday finishing Buffy Anne, Supergirl, my latest, not particularly successful, Buffy filk, and arguing with zenites about smut. I’m afraid to go back to my inbox, actually - I don’t really understand why people who are so sure I’m wrong are so upset by the evidently wrong things I said. Go figure…

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