Insufficiently Yellow

I’m on the move with Moveable Type (obligatory link to your right). It took two days of tweaking to get it installed - not full-time tweaking, just the-boss’s-back-is-turned tweaking - but it’s lovely, don’t you think? And this is just the default template - just wait until I yellowize it. Then I’ll really be bloggin’.

The coolest thing I’ve found so far is the category archives - so, for example, there’s a page auto-generated for the entries I categorized as blog war. The easy import of all my blogger entries is a close second for coolest MT feature, though.

This isn’t even the only site update. I’ve also added a filk, The Simple Joys of Captaincy. I had the idea for that filk very early in my fanfic career - the last edit date on the file before Sunday was October 17, 2000. I feel bitter and old.

One thing I’m not bitter about, though, is the ASC Awards. People have been so nice, and I’ve never thought it was just a popularity contest. All contests, like all elections, are fundamentally unfair, but as Trek contests go, ASC seems pretty fair to me. I read (or at least started to read) almost every story in the VOY categories, and I didn’t find any that were unfairly neglected by the voting public. The only possible exception would be VS7.5, and I think it was pretty clear that that suite was just too much reading for the ASC public. Individual long works, like Meg’s Borg novel and “Lt. Keegan”, did get attention despite, in the latter’s case, being by an unknown.

Maybe people who gripe about ASC haven’t seen what goes on in er contests. For example, I entered two of my best-received ASC stories in a pairing contest - in fact, I wrote DQ Babes for that contest - and neither of them placed. I’m not usually surprised when I lose contests, but I thought at least “The Dance” might win in the friendship category. I’m not complaining either; I can certainly understand if people don’t have time to read fic by an unknown or if they prefer a different approach to the pairing. I’m just saying, as someone who’s worked the contest circuit, that ASC is as good as it gets.

Thank you Seema & company for all your hard work!

I almost forgot one last benefit of the April contest follies: 22 new quotes from fanfic.

5 Responses to “Insufficiently Yellow”

  1. Liz Says:

    Oh, Jemima. I’m confused … it’s a Jemima page, and yet it’s not yellow. Not even a little. And it’s just. like. Caillan’s.

    It’s … scary.

    Love the quotes, though.

  2. Lori Says:

    There is a consistent problem I’m having with Moveable type blogs. Inevitably, I get as far as the ‘powered by’ blurb, and the page will not scroll down any more. The scroll bar bottoms out. I reload, the whole page seems to load, and then spang! we’re back to the same spot on the page, and it will. not. scroll.

    I don’t know if this is a setting in IE6 (fe) or in movable type. Anything in the movable type faqs about this?

  3. Lori Says:

    Ah, problem solved! the f11 thingie works great.

    bleh, fooie on MS.

  4. Seema Says:

    You’re very welcome, Jemima! Glad you enjoyed the Awards - all else being said, I think the ASC Awards are among the most fair and best run out there :-) But seriously, even with the occasional keruffle, it was a fair contest. Hope you enjoy the results when they are posted next week!

    ps please do not read into anything I just said.

  5. Jerie Says:

    Love the quotes from fanfic. Like your new page, too.