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I’ve been tweaking the blog again. If you’re using Netscape 4.x and you want to see what I fixed, compare this now-legible blog to the Moveable Type default template at I did with a sneaky trick that imports the style Netscape breaks - Netscape 4.x doesn’t understand @import, so it doesn’t import the things it doesn’t like. I don’t like the fixed font sizes, myself. All remaining minor style problems remain.

On the html side, the recent entries list doesn’t seem to be linked - I’ll have to look into that when I do the list for the category archives, and see if I lost something important when I edited the default templates.

Ok, all set. You didn’t see me off doing that because this entry was still in draft mode. MT is too cool for words. Now that the blog is sufficiently yellow, I’ve been trying to find a good definition of particularism for Lori.

Very roughly, Ethical particularism is the view that existing moral reasons are particular in kind. In other words, what is valuable or how one should act is determined by particular factors in the particular situation and only by such factors, according to particularism. There are no universal moral principles, and we need, moreover, no such principles to reason correctly in moral issues. Particularism conflicts at this point with universalism; the idea that if there are true or valid answers to moral problems, then there are universal moral principles that directly or indirectly determines [sic] these answers.
Ulrik Kihlbom,

There are also historical and political versions of particularism. As a term, it’s similar to intuitionism or constructivism, which is to say, it gets around.

That quote just doesn’t look right, now, does it? I need to fix the fonts. The serif font is going to be the first thing on the chopping block.

One Response to “Strange New Blog”

  1. Lori Says:

    oooo, philosophy. What a beautiful stranger. It’s been eons since the philosophy prof made my day by making a joke no one understood (and making me the butt of it, in the cafeteria) then laughing at it all by himself while the rest of us kinda-laughed, like “this is a prof, he thinks it’s funny, laugh ya goof”.

    Yep. Burned by Philosophy. Kinda like being blinded with science.

    But thanks for the quote and link. Maybe I’ll dabble my toes in that great font of philosophy once more, seeking answers to particularism and relativism and all that jazz.