Movin’ On Up

Will wonders never cease? I got an honorable mention in AAA this year:

AAA 2002

Many congratulations to Penny, who won. That’s yet another contest she’s now disqualified from entering, and as for me, it’s my muse, not my talent, that will keep me out of AAA next year. B’Elanna the Canon-Correcting Muse is just too tired to work her way to the top of the fanfic mountain.

Seema isn’t talking, but it looks like I won a little award in the ASC awards, too. The Newsgroup Recommends only three stories in the VOY Holiday category, one of which was mine, and there are three prizes per category. Ergo, one for me! Time to get working on that acceptance speech - a bird in the hand and all that…

One Response to “Movin’ On Up”

  1. JinnyW Says:

    Hello there,
    I’ve never blogged before, but wanted to say congratulations on the hon mention. I can’t honestly say I made it through all of the stories this year. But I did enjoy reading yours.

    My own muse has pissed off somewhere too. What’s with that? I feel like I’ve lost a wee bit of me, the bit that gave a damn, anyway. Now I’m busy writing songs, bizzare stories about rabbits for my nieces, and cultural heritage reports. (mm, that would be work.)

    BTW, many thanks for quoting me on your quotes page. They always give me a giggle & I like to go & check out the quoted stories. So nice to be quoted while I was still able to utter things in a less than trite way.

    Jinny Webster