In the spirit of being More Like Lori, I edited an entry in the accidental muse war. I did that for myself, because defending myself in my blog, which is what I was doing, was exactly what I stated at the outstart that I didn’t want to have to do. I’m not going to do it now, either, but I did classify this entry Jemima, so I will say something about me. Take it as an open letter to the easily offended.

I accept that other people are not like me. When I write about my own opinions, or my own muse, I am not thereby saying that anyone else is inferior or a bad writer. Unless you can actually quote me saying so, that’s just an assumption on your part. The number of people who make the same baseless assumption is not my concern - I’m a logician, and only logical argument interests me.

The other deep secret of Jemima is that I don’t give a flying fig. Smut does not interest me. Angst does not interest me. The museless, qua museless, do not interest me. Do not mistake me for someone who cares. Specifically, I don’t care whether I’m a better or a worse writer than anyone else.

I get the feeling sometimes that the people who think I’m full of myself (taking that statement at face value, rather than as an observation of my general disinterest) are young people who are blogging, and perhaps writing, for more social reasons than I am. I don’t use fanfic or my blog or my opinions to prove my self-worth, either to myself or to others. I’ve accomplished enough in my life not to need the muse or anything else to bolster my ego. If I read fanfic, it’s because I find it interesting, and if I write down my opinions, it’s because I find them, and the process of formulating them, interesting.

Believe me, it has nothing whatsoever to do with you.

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