No Time For Fic

I envy Lori her new day off. Underemployment was the best thing that ever happened to my fic. I knew it was really bad when I started taking notes for The Wrong Novel and The Wrong Prequel during a meeting this morning - but when that elusive political situation finally resolves itself (more or less) in your mind, you have to write it down. It’s not like the muse is going to do this for me, wretched little filker that she is. (The muse is currently investigating the filking potential of hip-hop. Be afraid. Be kind of afraid.)

Now I’m going to bed, because the muse needs sleep. (It’s not really 10 p.m. - Moveable Type doesn’t seem to understand Daylight Savings Time.) The many bloggy things I’m behind on - Big Name Poet Shelley and his controversial views on the muse, importing my other blog to MT, wondering why Lori’s blog is the only one that I find things to say about these days, etc. - will have to wait another day, and then some.

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