Trek to Blog

The numbers of VOY bloggers seem to be increasing. I was checking out
what I believe is
Astrogirl’s blog, but she doesn’t
exactly sign it anywhere. From there I found some of the old J/C crowd, like
JinnyW and
Yael, and also
this lovely J/C fic quiz:

the fic quiz.
because sara said to.

I might as well be C/7, indeed. You can check out the other possibilities
from the results
. It certainly says something about JetCdom that the only insulting
result (”Creation of Braga”) is the one for canon.

And I was about to get all sentimental about the bad old days. I think I’ll
get back to that Garak/7 fic, instead.

9 Responses to “Trek to Blog”

  1. Lori Says:

    Speaking of blogs, your link to Mustang Sally’s is outdated.

  2. Jemima Says:

    I know, but you can get there from the old link, so I haven’t rushed in to fix it.

  3. liz Says:

    Ah, the beauty of a misspelled quiz. God, these people bug me — wish you hadn’t brought them to my attention. Now I feel this urge to go and insult them in my own blog …

    Must … resist … urge … to … mock…

  4. Jemima Says:

    Mockry [sic] is a lovely thing. Why resist?

  5. Seema Says:

    Now ladies…

    My favorite part of the quiz is being referred to as “Creation of Braga.” I wonder what my parents will say to that.

  6. Carissa Says:

    Garak/7 fic? Wow, fic pairings are getting stranger by the day.

  7. Astrogirl Says:

    Mwa hahaha! Maybe Astrogirl doesn’t sign her name anywhere on her blog deliberatly.. not because she is embarrased of her site.. but because she likes to suffer under her little delusion that she is being mysterious… *spooky music here*

    You might also want to know.. just in case you are picky about your coding etc.. if you aren’t feel free to ignore me.. the link to the AU list on your side bar is screwy.. like its a combination of two links.. when you clicky click all you get is html code in your adress bar. : )

  8. Jemima Says:

    Thanks - I fixed it, for now. The browser eats the template every now and then. Someday I’ll get annoyed enough to use the MT option of linking to a static file instead of editing the template through the browser. Someday.

  9. peter Says:

    Hey - getting sentimental about the bad old days is a healthy thing, you know! I do it all the time, myself… :)

    Best regards,
    Peter Butler - i have a talent for inquiry !!!