The End of the World, As Usual

I’m always a day behind the news because I read it in the Metro
instead of watching on TV or paying attention to the radio in the morning. No
sooner had I found out that we’re all going to die of
Asteroid 2002
than the sky was declared less likely to fall. Armageddon amuses me,
so I’m glad there are other signs of the End out there.

In the doom and gloom news, a Korean woman is
with a human clone
. One probably shouldn’t trust a news service called
Pravda - it protests too much, as it were - but one part of the
article I know to be true from other sources: The big force behind cloning is
the Raelian sect, which believes mankind
was left here by aliens. Besides their
cloning projects, they’re also into
crop circles and hedonism.

The most disturbing man bites dog story I read this week was about the
new centipede
in Central Park. There should not be anything new under the mulch. The
Wisconsin plan to kill
deer with Mad Deer Disease
pales by comparison.

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