In Search of the DS9 Encyclopedia

I’m just trying to write a little Garak/7 fic here, and I can’t find the DS9
Encyclopedia. It used to be at,
but if you go there now and wait ten minutes you’ll get a message claiming it’s
moved to,
the catch being that the encyclopedia exceeded 0catch’s bandwidth limit and has
been blocked.

So where is it? What kind of fandom can’t find bandwidth for its biggest
website, the one that’s linked everywhere? It’s as if Delta Blues
were down and out and no one said a thing about it.

Seema, I’m holding you personally responsible.

One Response to “In Search of the DS9 Encyclopedia”

  1. Seema Says:

    Um, sorry? I’ll see if I can’t find Tracy’s email and see what’s up. It’s annoying - I needed the site for a DS9 fic I’m working on. But on a positive note, glad to see you’re back on track with Garak/7. We need more diversity in Shipperdom.