MoveableType, the Movie

While surfing the blogs, I came across a
guy who wrote an Emacs interface for MoveableType. Just the thing for me, I thought; all my geekiness in one convenient elisp package…but it wasn’t exactly a convenient package. First I had to download SOAP for MT, so MT could communicate with metablogging tools. Then I had to download a laundry list of things that mt.el, the emacs mode, required: xml-rpc.el, the url package, the w3 package and the elib package. The author provided the first, but I had to check url and w3 directly out of source, and then it took me a while to figure out that yes, elib hasn’t been revised in seven years. (I was reluctant to download something from 1995.)

Nor was this post posted from emacs. When mt.el was finally working, I got an error back from MoveableType itself, saying it couldn’t find the metaWeblog perl module. I think that means that I can no longer put off upgrading to the latest version of MovableType. Wish me luck…

[P.S.] I upgraded to 2.21, though it looks the same as 2.0. There are new geeky things lurking beneath its placid blue exterior, though.

[P.P.S.] Testing from emacs…1..2..3…

[P.P.P.S.] Whoo-hoo! Now there’s an evening successfully
frittered away.

One Response to “MoveableType, the Movie”

  1. Bill Says:


    I’m glad you (eventually) got it working. I’ll add pointers to the other required packages. I had (mistakenly) assumed that they were included with most emacsen. I’ll also add something about the minimum MT version needed.

    Have the appropriate amount of fun. :-)