Death of a Dot.Com

Every day, the company I work for edges closer and closer to its final resting place in the dot com graveyard. Tomorrow is moving day, when we give up part of our office space to save on the rent. There’s a certain attitude of despair percolating up through the eyes wide shut denial now. The issue of paying the rent has far too much resonance, I’d say. It’s a wonder we lasted this long. Nobody’s buying and nobody’s hiring.

As I was looking up dot com graveyard sites, I stumbled across this recent insult to bloggers everywhere. It’s on a slimy marketing site, but still, the attitude is awfully snarky. Maybe they feel threatened by ad-free, grassroots content.

Anything’s possible.

One Response to “Death of a Dot.Com”

  1. Caff Says:

    Geez, Susan Solomon is highly opinionated, but what makes it all easier to swallow is the fact that her anti-blogger speech is published in a blog.

    But I’m itching to give her a piece of my mind anyway.