The Big Seven

Word count: 30,000 (three-fifths done)

Last night when I was hard up for subplots, Dr. Deb suggested the Seven Deadly Sins. They are: vanity, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, avarice, and sloth. I got a subplot immediately out of envy, or possibly jealousy. I’ve already used gluttony for the main plot. I don’t really know what people mean by pride, and when you call it vanity instead it seems more sinful, but less deadly.

The sin that afflicts my characters most seriously is the author’s sloth. The poor things don’t even have hair colors yet. It’s very unwise to get behind, and here I am, 2,000 words behind going on 4,000 in about ten minutes. Yet I’m suffering a severe attack of laziness and chronic sleepiness.

I vote for procrastination as the eighth deadly sin. It’s the sloth that keeps on giving…

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  1. FrenchProf Says:

    Thank you Dr. Deb! Thank you Jemima! You have both made my day! Good luck with your writing.