It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Word count: 41,000

It was white in Boston today, not good weather for the biggest travel day of the year. I skipped out of work early to catch the bus to Fall River. Now I’m dialing up from a rotary line, of all things - but the trusty mac can do it. The mac can do anything. Neither snow nor sleet nor whatever the other stuff was…

Thanksgiving is when the Christmas decorations start coming out, and in honor of Sylvia’s J/C Christmas Contest, Jade’s story Hope has been dressed up in snowflakes. I’d dress up my old J/C non-Christmas story, but I’ve spent too much time hacking the CSS for one day. Snowflakes are compliments of Pat’s Web Graphics.

Liz immortalized me in a LiveJournal icon:
Jemima quote

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