I can’t believe I wrote the whole thing…

Word count: 52,000

NaNoWriMo 2002 Winner

Well, it’s over. I lost a lot of sleep, and I wrote a lot of garbage. I had to write 2,500 words today because of a major disagreement between my word count algorithm and the official one. The extra 2,000 were the hardest words of all - I was all set to goof off and play with Java, catch up on my blogging, and generally have a life again, and instead I had to go back and crank out more intermediate scene material.

It’s a very rough draft. The word count is, technically, enough for a novel but it’s too low to get published. It’s not an issue of insufficient plot - my work of NaNo is more outline than novel. There’s still almost no description in there. It could practically be a screenplay, there’s so much dialogue and so little of anything else, but that’s a good for a draft since the plot is all down on virtual paper.

I have one POV character, so I thought early on that I should switch to first person. I didn’t at the time because of the extra work and the tight timeframe. That gives me a direction to go in for the first revision.

But first, fanfic!

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