Vote Early, Vote Often

The Die J/C Die contest is now open for voting. (Some characters did die, but not J or C.) There are two categories with 16+ entries each. Seema and I are both entered, so there’s plenty of C/7 for all.

Speaking of contests, I’m currently wondering whether I want to enter the Writers of the Future contest, one of the biggest contest/anthologies in the sci-fi genre. I meant to enter for the last deadline but was too busy. The next deadline is coming up, but this time I’m more concerned than before about the contest being run by the Church of Scientology. Yes, their money is as green as anyone else’s, but at what cost in human potential was it tithed?

Compared to WotF, SNW is a moral cakewalk. Fanfic should, in principle, be free, but if I were hard up for money or publicity, I could stomach entering the contest and risk becoming a cog in Paramount’s large pay-per-fic machine. Analogously, I’d rather write open-source software but if I needed a paycheck I’d write it for money.

I’m not sure I’d take a job with the Church of Scientology, however.

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