Happy Holiday

Here’s a seasonal recipe from my lovely sister Veronica, former chocolatier:

Dark Chocolate Peppermints

2 7oz bars Hershey’s Legendary Dark
6 candy canes
9×9 square pan lined with foil
candy thermometer

Crush candy canes in heavy duty plastic bag with a rolling pin, or on pulse in a food processor until it resembles coffee grounds. Set aside.

Chop up both chocolate bars until they are chocolate chip size. Place 2/3 in a microwave proof bowl and melt on low 1 minute at a time until almost all melted (will probably take about 3 minutes - stir every minute).

Add remaining 1/3 and stir until dissolved. Keep stirring until melted chocolate reaches 88 degrees.

Add crushed candy canes and pour into 9×9 pan. Place in refrigerator for 4-5 minutes. Remove and score chocolate into squares. (The chocolate will break on score marks.)

Place back in refrigerator for another 10 minutes. Remove and let sit until room tempetature.

Break apart.

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