Oxymoron much?

The annoying part is how they go on referring to it as a free service. I get a lot of free services, and not a single one of them comes with invoices due. They’ll get $9.95 for what everyone else gives away free when they pry it out of my cold, dead fingers. This means I’ll go back to using Crosswinds as my mirror, since it’s back up, more or less, and I did finally get all my Voyager fic up there tonight before I heard this bad news.

The email has been resized to fit your screen. Emphasis on free added, though the capitalization is original. If you don’t see it, click “more.”

From: support@free.prohosting.com
Date: Fri Jan 17, 2003 12:37:44 AM US/Eastern
To: aaa@aaaaa.aaa
Subject: Free.ProHosting.com INVOICE - Payment Due


PO Box 702
Midway UT 84049
Reference: jemimap
Customer Contact: aaa@aaaaa.aaa
Invoice #: 01-16-03PFI740702

Due on Receipt


PayPal or Credit Card


16 January 2003

Item Qty Description Amount





one time maintenance and support fee
One time fee (no recurring annual or monthly fees)
Includes removal of banner ads from customer web site
Ongoing hosting services

    Total $9.95

via PayPal to: billing@free.prohosting.com

The $9.95
charge is a one-time fee for the ongoing maintenance and support of
free.prohosting.com web sites. You will not be charged a monthly ongoing
fee in the future, unless you choose to upgrade your web site hosting
package. As a customer of free.prohosting.com, you have 14 days to
acknowledge receipt of the invoice, and 30 days from the date of this
invoice to submit payment to ProHosting Corporation. All other ProHosting
Corporation terms remain in force. Other ProHosting Corporation options
and programs can be viewed at www.prohosting.com.

for paying your invoice:

1. Reply to this email with the words ‘Accept jemimap’ typed
into the subject box. This must be done within 14 business days, otherwise
access to your account may be temporarily blocked.
2. Remit payment to ProHosting Corporation via PayPal:
  a. Log
onto www.paypal.com and, if you
are not already a member, sign up for a free PayPal account.
  b. Follow the instructions there to remit the invoice amount to
  c. As
the subject of the payment, please enter either your Invoice # or your
account username.
Enjoy the benefits of your free web site hosting service!

If ProHosting Corporation has not received acceptance notice
from you within 14 business days of the date of this invoice then ProHosting
Corporation reserves the right to block access to the customers web site
until such time as the invoice has been paid. If ProHosting Corporation
has not received payment of the invoice from the customer within 30 business
days of the date of this invoice then ProHosting Corporation reserves
the right to delete the account.

For billing questions, please email us at Payment is due on receipt

News from ProHosting Corporation


Thank you for allowing ProHosting Corporation to host your FREE web site. You
are one of our very important customers, and we want to keep providing you and
our other customers with the best in web hosting services. We have been told
on numerous occasions that ours is the best free web site hosting service on
the planet. The only complaint we consistently receive is “Please remove
the banner ads!”
We have listened to you. The banner ads are gone. That’s the good news.

In order to continue to provide you this great, FREE service,
we are charging all of our free web site customers a one time, $9.95 USD support
and maintenance fee. Your web site is still FREE! You will not be charged any
ongoing annual or monthly hosting fees, and as always no set-up fees. And you
will continue to receive our industry-leading free web site package that includes
20MB of storage, 1 FTP account, CGI scripts and much more. Come on, this isn’t
such bad news. For the price of a movie ticket you get rid of the banner ads,
and continue to be hosted by the best hosting service anywhere.

The one time $9.95 fee is required, and it is simple to pay.
Just log onto www.PayPal.com and set up a free
account if you don’t already have one. You can easily deposit the $9.95
into your PayPal account from your bank account or credit card. It is then just
a few clicks to transfer it to ProHosting Corporation’s PayPal account,
and your done. The instructions are on the attached invoice.

We appreciate your choosing ProHosting Corporation for your
FREE website. We value you as a customer. Reply to this email right now, and
put the word ‘Accept jemimap’ in the subject line. Then transmit your payment
via PayPal, and we’ll continue to provide you the best FREE website service

And don’t forget, NO MORE BANNER ADS!

Your friends at ProHosting Corporation

ProHosting Corporation
PO Box 702
Midway UT 84049

Well, yes, there will be no more banner ads, because there will be no more ice.prohosting.com/~jemimap/.

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