Moveable Style Again

I’ve changed the style switching links to gifs, as seen in Talk to Oneself, who replied to my recent ping saying Mozilla had been fixed. Unfortunately, the babelfish translation didn’t throw any further light on the entry. (I shudder to think what babelfish will do to that sentence alone.)

Anyway, try out the images, keeping a couple of things in mind:
The LCARS styles work properly only in Mozilla-based browsers.
The page must be reloaded when switching to or from Technicolor because of the extra javascript.

2 Responses to “Moveable Style Again”

  1. Sara Says:

    Snazzy pictures, Jemima! The technicolour style, sometimes I could stare at it for hours. I don’t. But I could :)

  2. Going My Way Says:

    Stylesheet Switch with Image
    talk to oneself 2?? styleswitcher??TrackBack???|Xg?R?g??Simple Boxes?????Mozilla???????R?[h????@??q????BQ?l??B ???A??????{^X^C??X?N??…