About a Blog

I’ve gotten a couple of trackback hits lately and rearranged a few categories, so I should probably say a little something about the blog. I started blogging about science fiction at another location in September of 2001, and about fan fiction on blogspot in October of the same year. In December I moved the blogger page off blogspot, putting it up as my home page here at Jemima’s Trek.

In April of 2002 I installed MovableType here and imported all of my blogger entries. In June I imported the sci-fi entries, leaving me with an all-in-one blog. In October I upgraded to MT version 2.5 and implemented the styleswitcher.

This month I split up the GeekSpeak category into Mac and Web, renamed the Fandom category Meta, and tried to separate Meta (discussion of fandom) more cleanly from Fanfic (discussion of fanfic - the actual blogfic is in Ficlets), though that’s always a tough call to make. It’s not meta until somebody gets annoyed, and obviously that someone isn’t me. So here’s the rundown on all the categories:

  • Anomaly: reflections on weird science
  • Boston: of local interest
  • Buffy: depresso-girl and her depresso-show
  • Fanfic: thoughts on fan fiction, genre, AU’s and the like
  • Ficlets: bits of unfinished fics and filk
  • Jemima: about the author
  • Mac: OS X, pretty iMacs and the little powerbook that could
  • Meta: all the things that drive me batty about fandom
  • Miscellany: the entries that don’t fit elsewhere
  • Muses: a much-maligned thread about the muse
  • Quizzes: Which X Are You?
  • Sci-Fi: mostly book reviews with some movies and Your Guide to LMB
  • Star Trek: the show that refuses to die
  • Updates: changes to the main site, especially new fanfiction
  • War: a blog war in fiction started by Seema and Lori
  • Web: geeky web page stuff like the styleswitcher
  • Writing: thoughts on writing original fiction - see Fanfic for fan fiction

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